Wednesday, May 30, 2012

People Say: Mitt Romney is a Polygamist

We thought the birther issue was laid to rest with President Obama's birth certificate. Both the short and long form are easily available on the internet.

Some circles of people refuse to believe the facts and cling desperately to the notion that a black man can't possibly be a "real American" - Or as Romney calls it, "A real Amercian."

Donald Trump is king among these circles and he recently stated on CNN to Wolf(y):  "I don't give names, there are people out there who are saying lots of things." 

 In light of the fact that Mitt Romney has not protested Donald Trump's birther nonsense, has not shown a backbone to stand up to Ted Nugent or Bryan Fischer (talk show radio host who forced him to fire his gay employee), we are starting a series of articles about conspiracy theories and rumors surrounding Donald Trump and Mitt Romney.

It is our understanding that anyone who staunchly hangs on to birther conspiracies in spite of the facts  has the capacity and intellect to absorb a few more. After all, "people say..." is king among the offensive and insulting theories mass-produced about President Obama.

More than one can play this game and turn about is fair play.

The rumor that Mitt Romney is a polygamist started about five seconds ago.

These are the facts and factoids that make it impossible to deny that Mitt Romney is a polygamist.

* His great-granddaddy had five wives.

* He was raised in that environment. (word on the street is that his REAL birth certificate is in Spanish)

* Mitt, they say, is Mexican for polygamist.

* His "relatives" in Mexico are "closely related" (make what you will of this. That's the word)

* On St. Patrick's Day in 2005 and 2006 (Don Imus radio show) he made the same "joke": "I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman... and a woman... and a woman..." (this is true)

* A whole bunch of kids call him "uncle" *wink, wink* - in Mexico, they call him papi.

* Mexican illegal worker, Mitt's cousin, said that the existing renovation on the California house includes extra closets for the sister-wives.

* The garage elevator is for the sister-wives station wagons.

* So far, they have all lived in separate houses like "Big Love" but in different states to fool people into thinking that the blonde he is with is his first wife.

(Of course, these living arrangements are the reason why Mitt Romney had to commit voter fraud. He does not have a sister-wive in Massachusetts and pretended to live in his son's unfinished basement.)

* Mitt Romney has not been employed for the past 10 years because he has been hard at work developing the language of the new law of the land with the Church Elders. The rumor is that if Romney becomes president, all Amercians will be baptized into the Latter-Day Saints Church and expected to enter into plural, legal marriages. Women will be required to dress appropriately (see top picture)

* Some say that Mitt Romney's FaceBook profile said: "Married but available" before it was scrubbed clean.

The word on the street, some people say, is that Romney has ordered super-dooper, double-secret blueprints of the White House for additional bedrooms to be built in the residence portion of the building. He has renamed it "The Compound."

If that does not smack of polygamy, we don't know what does.

Stay tuned for tomorrow when we "interview" Willard Mitt Romney.

Gross People:

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Fallen and The Living

Life is hard, but war is hell. Memorial Day should be a reminder of what many have given up in the service of our country. Whether we agree with the wars fought on foreign soil or not, the fact remains that life was snuffed out of the very young, far too soon.

The casualties of war can be seen in Memorial walls and National cemeteries across the Nation. These women, these men had names. They all had a story. The all had families who will mourn them for the rest of their lives, not just on a pre-assigned day of the year.

When we think of honoring our troops, we may want to reconsider how we do this.

Slapping a sticker on the back of our cars is a nice gesture. So is placing flowers in the tomb of an unknown soldier, but if we really want to honor our troops and show our gratitude, perhaps being more proactive about their health care when they return and ensuring that the cost of war does not end when they return home, would be a more tangible solution.

Frankly, spending a weekend at the beach or relaxing at home is not something to be frowned upon. The middle-class will take a long weekend to recharge their batteries whenever they can take it. The real tribute is to ensure we don't forget the remainder of the year the true cost of war.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Repealed. We all Serve, we all bleed the same

While we ponder the horrors of war and the toll it takes on the men and women who love them, we'd do well to consider a man who puts his country and people above the pettiness of discrimination and greed.

I'll leave you with the pictures below. There is nothing more to be said.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Political Scams

Just about everything in our lives is related to politics. Governing a country, a city or state requires politicians to behave like the civil servants they are and do what is right for the people they have sworn to serve and protect.

We expect police officers, fire fighters and teachers to do their jobs with excellent results, and yet, we have lowered the bar for those who hold the purse strings and are given the power to affect every aspect of our lives.  Why?

When we apply for a position with a company, we are required to submit a resume, list references and be truthful about the information we provide in order to get the job and ensuing benefits.  It is expected that we will do our job(s) without complaining and be an asset to the company.  Are these not all the requirements of every position we have ever applied for? Why on Earth do we have different standards for useless governors, mayors, congressmen/women, senators and presidents?

Our elderly stand to lose more than the rest of us.  They have worked longer than anyone else, they have health issues none of us has encounter yet - we will, it is just a matter of time - and they are the most vulnerable to unscrupulous predators who are fully aware of how alone and unprotected they really are.

Grandma and grandpa receive a lot of mail.  Most of us probably don't get as much as they do and if we do, we quickly separate the unsolicited junk from the bills and dispose of things quickly.  

What do our senior citizens do with all that junk mail? - Some savor it. Especially the junk that has been personalized and is requesting their assistance to help a non-existent child in peril.  

These scammers know full well how to lure our seniors into parting with their cash. They feed  into their loneliness and need to still be relevant in a world that has moved away quickly.  Electronically, they are lost.  They don't understand what Wi-Fi stands for or what it does.  A router? A Sling box? A multi-function remote control?

Our elderly cling to their familiar treasures. Photographs of children and grandchildren long gone with families of their own.  A new car is too complex and distracting. It won't make their lives easier with all the electronic gizmos. It confuses them. They cling to an old car that is unsafe, but within their comfort zone.

We are not that different from our elders. This is why we keep electing the familiar. It 'feels' normal. The new stuff has a learning curve and we are in no mood to be challenged.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to behave in this manner. We have spent generations disparaging our politicians and demanding little from them because they conform to our expectations. Just like our elderly, there is comfort and security in what we know. Even if there is no safety involved. 

It has taken a great deal of neglect on our part to see how our apathy has put in place some of the most dangerous scammers of our time in gubernatorial positions.  Wisconsin has had enough and they are fighting back with a recall.

Mississippi, Michigan (some are) and Louisiana are not. They complain like our aging relatives but have no energy or desire to change what must be changed.  They are not expecting more, they expect more of the same.  That is exactly what they'll get.

Those states mentioned above are not unique. We can take a look at our own states and see people disconnected from reality. They know what they are comfortable knowing and, like our elderly pack rats, will not discard any of their notions or make a move toward the uncomfortable direction of learning something new or doing things differently.

We, like our elderly, are clinging to garbage. We are demanding less of a world that owes us more. We have in fact, answered the junk mail and hired the scammers to run our cities and states. They rail against abortion... a notion... of saving a non-existent child's live.  

There is something to be said for the youth of this country and their willingness to buck a rigged system. Gratitude and support must go to our Occupy groups - young and older(er) - because they are not saying 'someone should do something', they are someone doing something

They seem to have scrutinized the junk mail and are demanding accountability.

Protection from the scammers and preparing our future begins now. Vetting those asking for a job and staying on top of them to do the right things. Most importantly, firing them when they are ineffective and self-serving.

In this state, we have received sample ballots for our Primary elections on June 12. Early voting is available and a lot of research needs to be done to sort out the familiar names from those we have never heard from before.  For instance, Dean Heller is one of those that must be fired. He has done nothing for the state and its people in all the years he has 'served' and yet, he keeps getting re-elected.

We recognize the familiar. There is no safety in the perceived comfort, but we hang on to what we know even when it is bad for us.

It is not easy when these people are total strangers and are putting their best face forward in unsolicited advertisement. They are hoping that the message they sent, based on polls we answered,  will trigger an emotional response that will propel us to part with hard earned cash and our vote.

Who do you have in your state that needs to be replaced? Who will you replace him/her with? - Have you vetted the person asking for money and a job? 

This is junk mail that can't be ignored by young or old. Not this year.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who is Nicole Sandler?

Nicole Sandler is one gutsy woman. Twelve years ago she adopted a beautiful child who needed a mother as much as she needed air and food. She took the plunge.  Many talk about adopting, but very few of us are willing to go through the nightmare and expense of doing so.  Hence how many of our children end up being "raised" in foster care.

Nicole Sandler often substitutes for Randi Rhodes  on her radio show (owned by Clear Channel) and it is a joy to have the opportunity to listen to both on current topics with strength, integrity and knowledge.  I say it is a joy because radio stations that broadcast progressive radio like Randi, Nicole or Ed Schultz are a dying breed. We had discussed this on a previous post.

Nicole is the woman who was arrested in Florida for asking a question of her congressman during a public forum at a town hall meeting and you can watch what happened here:

But Nicole Sandler is also a caring, loving woman who is proactive on helping others when their luck is down.  She put together a place where 99ers could get help from people who were fortunate enough to still be employed.  Remember that horrible Christmas when unemployment benefits ran out? remember how Congress blocked any effort to help their constituency? - Nicole Sandler did the best she could by connecting good-hearted people with one another and created Help the 99ers website.

I have always wondered who helps the helpers.  As a spousal caregiver for the past 17 years, I know what it feels like to be invisible.  Asking for help is not one of our strongest suits because we are always ready to lend a hand to those who have it worse than we do.

When I mentioned that Nicole was strong, I meant it.  It takes real strength to reach out to others and admit they need some help.  She did that today.  She needs help to help her daughter.

Please, if you can donate $10 today to help this family go to "Help me Help My Daughter" and donate something.  If you can't donate, RT on twitter to reach others who might. Post on FaceBook for the same reason and keep passing it on.

Jeff Sharlett has the means and proudly contributed.  Some of your followers in social media can spare a couple of hundred dollars even if you are still wondering how you'll make the bills this month.  It is worth the few seconds to help this family by spreading the word.

Join me in doing something for someone else.

PEACE to all

Help the 99ers
Crooks & Liars: Nicole Sandler Arrested at Allen's West Town Hall Meeting
Radio or Not

Thursday, May 17, 2012

PayPal Nightmare

Like millions of people, I have a PayPal account. Everyone has different reasons for having one.  Mine is to receive payments from companies I freelance for when I actually get work.  I also have student accounts to reload the kids' cards so if they have an emergency or are planning to go the movies with friends, they have access and a limit.

My relationship with PayPal has been flawless from the beginning.  The freelance payments go there directly and when it reaches a certain amount, I transfer to my bank account to pay the inevitable monthly bills.  There has never been a hiccup ...

Until Now.

On May 15, 2012 I decided to check my email and found the following:

You created a shipping label

Transaction ID:
Hello XXXXXXXXXXX, (removed to protect my privacy)
You created a shipping label using PayPal Shipping with U.S. Postal Service®Track your shipment
Your tracking number is XXXXXXXXXXXXXUS. Please keep this number for your records as it will get updated when the shipment clears the Bureau of Customs. This number also provides delivery confirmation in some countries. To learn more, check out the U.S. Postal Service® website.
Please note that tracking information updates occur mostly in the afternoon or evening, so you might not see it until the next day.
Tracking numberXXXXXXXXXXXXX (removed to protect my privacy)
Label purchase dateMay 15, 2012 14:55:24 PDT
Total shipping cost$xxxx.xx USD
Insured value
Shipping label transaction ID42D87107xxxxxxxx
Ready to ship?
You can:
All you need to do is print and send. We'll email your buyer with all the tracking information.
Made a mistake on the label?
You have 48 hours to void it. We'll let the U.S. Postal Service know you've voided the label, and we'll respond within 15 calendar days. If your void is approved, we'll credit the amount to your PayPal account.
Need to print your label again?
You can reprint your U.S. Postal Service shipping label, but must do it within 24 hours of creating it.

Shipping address - unconfirmed
agripka ustinov
zhukov pr. 7 168

Shipping details
Mailing date: May 15, 2012
Shipper: U.S. Postal Service
Tracking number: XXXXXXXXXXXX (Removed to protect my privacy)
Service type: Express Mail International®
Shipping Status: Shipped
I don't know anyone in the Ukraine - A red flag should be that the shipping address is unconfirmed (as stated in red in the email).  I never authorized this charge.

Being a good citizen and a responsible adult, I immediately clicked on "You have 48 hours to void", entered the required information, and contacted PayPal to let them know that my account had been hacked, put a stop to that nonsense and refund my money. 

The people at PayPal could not be nicer if they tried. They were concerned on my behalf and reassured me that they take care of their customers. Please give them 10 days.

No problem. I understand that they have their jobs to do and this things take some time to investigate.  My feelings at the time were a bit raw and did not have time to think this through to the extent that I was forced to do so today.  I went on Twitter and vented:

I feel so violated. Someone hacked into my account & send themselves $ - Like I can afford it!
today is another day and was forced to think things through after receiving the following e-mail:


This email confirms that your shipping label cancellation and your refund request has been denied by the U.S. Postal Service® for the shipping label shown below because a package containing this shipping label was received by the U.S. Postal Service.

Ship To: agripka ustinov
zhukov pr. 7 168

Ship From:
(My Name)
(My Address)
United States
Carrier:  U.S. Postal Service
Service Type:  Express Mail International®


I was flabbergasted. Immediately I tracked the package:
Proof of Delivery
Arrived at Sort Facility
May 17, 2012, 3:19 pm
Depart USPS Sort Facility
May 16, 2012
Processed through USPS Sort Facility
May 16, 2012, 1:32 pm
Electronic Shipping Info Received
May 15, 2012

I called PayPal:

"The US Postal Service has declined refunding you because the label has already been used. Don't worry, we are not declining your claim. We are investigating and are in touch with the postal service to get your refund." -
 He also gave me an email address they use to contact the postal service.  

The e-mail address is the same as the people who took my money.

I Called the USPS department they routed me to and spoke with three different people.  The last one was a supervisor who took down all the pertinent information and assured me he'd be in touch with Pay Pal to get me a refund.

Both PayPal and USPS are working to get me refunded and I expect that I will. My relationship with PayPal is still good and will continue to use their service since I have not had an issue with them in years. (until now)

However, I made the following observations and received no real answers.  Just more of the "we are working to refund your money."
 ***Why did the "void" feature, which was done within a few minutes of receiving the email did not work?
***Why is the USPS not stopping the package from going forward since it is in their possession?

My concerns are that A) My name and address is on the return label and B) no one goes through all these illegal hoops to send candy abroad. Whatever is in that package is likely illegal. Drugs? Uranium? Plutonium? A Weapon of Mass Destruction? Underwear? - Let conspiracy theories begin!

I asked the supervisor at the USPS if this is not a Federal offense since it is going across state lines and what else can I do to inform the right people about this fraud that is apparently, nothing new. (see below for other people with similar issues)

He suggested I file a police report (locally) and the police department will file the necessary information with the Post Master.

Seriously? My police department needs to waste time doing this? - How about I get in touch with Homeland Security? or Attorney General Eric Holder? or at the very least, my own Attorney General? 

But the police department? - Dude! they are keeping our roads safe and looking for missing children, busting drug operations and spending their meager resources patrolling miles of desert for real emergencies and injuries!

Give me a break!

Update: PayPal refunded my money. Today I made my first charge and they are monitoring the account - delaying payment until they verify the purchase. 5/30/2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

Made in the USA

In the previous article we talked about purchasing American made goods and supporting Unions.  Bookmark this page and when you need to purchase something for yourself or someone else, look here first.

We'll continue to update this page as time permits and with input from our readers. For now, we'll list clothing, vacations, cookware and local ranches and farms.


Due to illness and a bad economy - Justice Clothing is having a clearance on a variety of clothing. See if you can purchase something you need and help them out.

All-American T-Shirt Company (need we say more?)
Union Label - from underwear to outerwear. Made in the USA
New Balance - Not all items are made in the US. Some are assembled here from imported materials.
Eastland - Shoes and materials made in the USA

Americans Working has a long list of items made in the USA.


Disney, Sea World, State Parks, City Parks, Zoos and most baseball parks are staffed with Union workers. Go to Union to see the different Unions staffing our fun locations.

All of our National Parks support the local economies. They are YOUR parks. Enjoy them!

Boycott Hotels - Hotel Workers Rising


Cast Iron made in the USA: LODGE.  - The enamel line is imported.
Regal Ware - They state their cookware is made in the USA
360 Cookware - Made in Wisconsin
CorningWare - Be careful, not all their lines are made in the USA. We have linked to one that is produced here. (ironically, the blue cornflower design is no longer made here. Wish I had kept my dad's set)
All-Clad - Made in Canonsburg PA - Here you have to be selective as well. Not all parts may be made in the USA.
Nordic Ware - Not only do they manufacture in the USA, but their vendors are also American Companies. - thought you'd like to know.
Pyrex - All their glassware is made in the USA. Plastic and metal items are not.

Farming and Ranching:

Anything coming from Hawaii is a great way to support Hawaii's small farms. Hawaii is the only place in the United States that grows coffee.
USA Coffee Company 
Mr. Ed's Bakery - Preserves made in Hawaii from Hawaii's produce.
Kanalani Ohana Organic Farm -  Coffee and Jams. 
Ani's Bakery - I had to include them. I love their Portuguese Sweet Bread! - they ship to the mainland. (pricey! but totally worth it if you want to splurge)

Nick Ranch - California Grass Fed Cattle
Organic Beef Ranches
Alder Springs - Idaho (they grow more than potatoes)
Hearst Ranch -  California (they have more than just the castle)
Eat Wild - California - Many locations to chose from and informative reading. Eat Wild - Texas. Eat Wild - Georgia

An extensive list by the Department of Agriculture of licensed organic growers in Nevada  - Chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables and beef.

If you have a favorite, please leave us a note so we can add it to the list. 

Support Our Communities: Create Jobs

Americans have finally woken up and they are not going to take it anymore.  It does not matter how many times the Wall Street Banksters and Mitt Romney state that they are 'Job Creators', Americans are not buying it.

Speaking of not buying it, they are boycotting products that sponsor the demise of the true job creators, American Unions.

Even bargain hunters on popular websites are passing up dirt cheap deals on paper goods because they are produced by Koch Industries.

Americans have seen their wages dwindle and gas prices rise. Americans have seen the extraordinary effort and mind-boggling infuse of cash in gubernatorial elections across the country that promise to get rid of the only bastion of living-wages that helps rise the poor to the middle-class: Unions.

No, Americans are not accepting that the 1% creates jobs because they have not seen any job creation coming from those quarters.  What they have seen is mass exodus of cash plundered from our natural resources into off-shore bank accounts.

Mitt Romney continues to beef up a non-existent resume.  He calls himself a job creator, but has, in fact, destroyed the livelihood of middle-class Americans by dismantling companies and selling the parts to the highest bidder.  He is in fact, a glorified repo-man.

Who We Are:

We, the people, are the job creators. We are the labor, the sweat, and the sacrifice the 1% will never make. Big corporations are running out of people to exploit. They keep moving from one third-world country to another in search of free labor in which to produce goods with American labels.

We, the people, are the buyers of these foreign made goods because the American economy is 70% consumer driven.  These corporations never counted on a rebellion, or understanding that when living wages are scarce, Americans do not spend.

They also did not count on retaliation:  Rush Limbaugh has lost millions of dollars in sponsors.  Koch Industries is feeling the wrath of the people as well; from refusing to purchase what they produce to no longer believing there is such a thing as "clean coal."

What we have done and need to continue doing (suggestions) :

Occupy Wall Street (actually, occupy everything)

**Refuse to purchase any more products made over seas.
**Purchase only what you truly need, forgo the 'wants', they are temporary & accumulate in your home.
**Swap or get stuff on Free Cycle. 
**Leave your dollars in your community through Craigslist.
**Bank only in your Credit Union to keep your money locally and support your community.
**Shop locally at independent bookstores, candle-makers, consignment shops, farmer's market, etc.
**Support businesses that provide living-wages to your Neighbors.  For instance, Costco provides starting wages at $17 an hour and promote from within. Wall Street has called Costco the Anti-Wal-Mart and resent their success by doing just the opposite of what is expected of a corporation.
Costco offers an excellent health care plan for their employees and we get excellent customer service.  Costco provides products under their label that surpasses quality standards of famous name-brand products.  (No, I don't have stock or work there)

**Need your car repaired? Find a locally owned shop with a good reputation and forgo the dealership. I know the dealership is local, but at some point, we have to support the smaller businesses.
**Need glasses? a Dentist? - Get someone that is not affiliated with a national chain and recommended by people in your community. 
**Cookware? Buy and learn how to cook healthy meals at home on cast iron.  LODGE is made in the USA by American Workers. 
**Support your community college and pay for services provided by students entering their profession.  They need the practice and the money stays in your community. You save money because they charge less and all the work is carefully supervised by experts in the field: Teachers! (yes, they are licensed professionals, who can teach and do the work themselves)
**What can you get done at a community college? from hair cuts, to dentistry, to automotive repair. You name it. Every community college provides different types of useful training. Support them as much as you can.

Be generous of your time. It feels good.

**Give two hours a week or a month to help a teacher in a classroom. They need you and appreciate you.
**Volunteer with animal shelters.
**Volunteer at your local library.
**Volunteer to provide meals or rides to the elderly.
**Volunteer at the food pantry.
**Again... Volunteer because it feels good to give. In exchange, you are an important cog in your community. Stay connected.  Who knows? your work ethic, kindness, personality and generosity may translate into a well paying job because people have learned to trust and respect you.

Save on Gas and Save the Earth

**Take your family on vacation to local state parks, hotels, RV and camping grounds.  It saves  you money and revitalizes your city/State.
**Coordinate trips so you make as few as possible. Car pool if you can. Every dollar you save, is a dollar the oil industry does not get.

By supporting our communities, we are creating jobs. The 99% are the true job creators that provide stability and security to our Nation.

I forgot to ask you to support UNION shops! = Thank  you!

Check it out:

Made in the USA
How Lodge Cast Iron is made in the USA:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Bible is Not the Law of the Land

Today was a busy day - okay, they all are, but today was especially hurried and filled with things 'to do' - and in between driving around town to do what must be done, I listened in on the Supreme Court hearings regarding Arizona's Law on immigration.  

It was an odd thing to find on the radio since there is usually a lot of noise and no substance.  I was enthralled by the Justices pretty much deciding what the argument should be about and banning the use of certain language when addressing the topic.  Specifically, racial profiling. 

At one point, I needed a break and switched back to the Ed Show on KJFK.  At this particular junction, a woman named Michelle called in to express her opinion about gay marriage - does not agree with it - and questioned why would we be so hypocritical to separate church from state on this issue but not on "Thou Shall Not Kill" or "Thou Shall Not Steal"

I expected Mr. Ed Schultz to set her straight, but instead, he agreed with her and it was expressed that our Constitution has gotten ideas from many different places, books and locations.

It is a good thing I was stopped at a traffic light at the moment, because I had to check myself on the mirror and see if my hair was on fire.  It was not, it just felt that way.

First of all, this woman made the assumption - and was not terribly discouraged from it - that our laws on not killing innocent people and not stealing from one another were A) found exclusively in the Bible and therefore adopted into the Constitution and B) Never existed prior to the conceptualization of the Old and New Testament.

Impulsively, I reached for my phone and stopped myself.  I will not make phone calls, hands-free or not, when I am driving.

In the off-chance Michelle calls The Ed Show again, I would hope someone would explain to her her that killing people nilly-willy or stealing from others has been frowned upon heavily for centuries prior to the existence of Jesus Christ, The Bible a couple of hundred years later, or its subsequent revisions.

Some excellent examples include, but are not limited to the following:

Blood Money: Used in ancient times in Scandinavia, Islam, Korea, Japan and many others to punish the guilty into financial restitution to victim's family.  Amounts set by law based on the type of crime.  

Death Penalty: Used in Egypt and long before Romans encountered Christianity. Some crimes that qualified included killing innocents, how someone was killed, and their status in society. 

In Feudal times, they also used the Reward system - just like today's bounty hunters - for the apprehension and execution of said criminal. 

Hammurabi's Law: The largest, based on its age, code of laws known to mankind 1772 BC - Sumerian law dictated the rights and responsibilities of citizens.  Most punishments for any offense included the death penalty, blood money, or giving away personal possessions to the injured party.  If restitution for stealing could not be made, the thief was put to death.

Greece: 620 BC - The act of murder was punished by exile. Prior to that, relatives would avenge the murder with one of their own.  Solon created democracy, the foundation of most countries democratic laws. This was called Tort. Theft and Murder carried a sentence as decided by a jury. 

So there you go, "Thou Shall Not Kill" and "Thou Shall Not Steal" were not originated with the Bible and being offended because we chose to separate anyone's Church from our State in Civil matters is a foolish endeavor.

The laws of man are always evolving, not regressing, and the 14th Amendment clearly states that we all have equal rights under the law. 

All citizens, gay or straight, have the right to enter into any contract they choose, including marriage.  Legislating public policy based on the narrow confines of someone's religious ideology is a recipe for disaster.  

I strongly suggest religious ideologues who want the rule of their god to be the rule of the land to take a few years living in a country run with an iron fist based on a book in which Jesus Christ is not the main star.

Get back to us when, or if, you come back.

Now... Time to find out what happened with the Supreme Court and that pesky Arizona law.

Of Interest:

Sumerian Legal System; Library; ThinkQuest.Org
Norse and Icelandic Sagas

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Dear Ultra-Conservative Co-worker and Relative:

It is nearly impossible to go a day without hearing you spouting venomously about "the gay agenda."

From what we gather between your twitching and foaming, is that the gay agenda creates many problems for 'normal' people and we, the heteros, must be ultra-vigilant to ensure that our way of life is not destroyed by the gays' nefarious plans.

This is what we have learned from you, since you repeat yourself like a stuck vinyl record. It will also explain why co-workers and relatives spend as little time with you as possible.

Evangelical Pastor: Ted Haggard
* All Gay people reside in San Francisco.
* When the Apocalypse comes, California and the gays are going straight to hell.
* Gayness is a sin/Abomination.
* Religious marriages are real and legal. 
* All Gay people are liberal.
* There are no gay Republican Christians.
* Two women kissing is really hot.
* Two guys kissing makes you sick. Unless you are a woman.
* Traditional marriage will be destroyed.
* It is all Obama's fault.

According to you, we must do the following:
* Ensure gays remain in the closet.
* Continue to refer to uncle Steve as a "confirmed bachelor"
* Continue to refer to your single 39 year-old daughter as career-oriented and her female friend of 15 years as her 'roommate'
* Use prayer, physical and verbal abuse to cure gayness.
* Blame Obama.

See? We have listened to you.  

Reality Check

Marriage is a legal contract in EVERY State. A religious ceremony is a nice little expense of pomp and circumstance, but it is not legal.

Gay people exist, have needs, wants and desires like their heterosexual counterparts.  They want to raise families, live openly and freely. They want to  enter into the same legal contracts afforded to everyone else and for the rest of us to mind our own business.  We fully support this agenda.

A same-sex union is NOT the same as marriage.  Legally, partners are NOT entitled to Social Security and other major benefits.  Life insurance policies and pension plans can be contested by blood relatives who have shunned the couple for decades. The tax rate is higher.  All this is wrong.

Marriage is a word we use to identify our legal standing when it comes to property rights and benefits. Heteros DO NOT own the word. Deal with it.

Same Sex Marriage Countries
* Canada legalized same-sex marriage in 2005 and heterosexual marriages did not suffer because of it.

* Belgium, Spain, Iceland, The Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Argentina and parts of Mexico and Brazil have not experienced any harmful after-effects from having legalized gay marriage. Neither have the few States in the USA.They are all doing fine.

* Over 50% of heterosexual marriages in the United States end in divorce. Second and third marriages have higher rates. Since traditional marriage seems to be a hit or miss thing for us, maybe we need to let the gays have a shot at it. They can't do much worse.