Saturday, September 12, 2015

HIllary Clinton vs. Bernie Sanders

It is okay if Hillary has changed her mind and seen the light. That is called growth and we, as human beings, should be applauded for growing, changing and adapting.

When it comes to her campaign, it is all about pandering to the public and make her more electable. From ill-placed humor about serious matters, to being dismissive of who funds her campaign, to trying to be softer and more approachable.

This just makes her seem phony and not trust-worthy. There is a reason she was not the nominee the first time around and it has nothing to do with her being a woman.

It is also offensive that by virtue of being a woman, ALL women would gravitate toward her because of her gender.

Women have been at the forefront of Equal Rights For All and this includes MEN. Expecting women to vote for a woman just because she shares the same gender, is insulting to all women and their ability to reason, think and make decisions based on facts, not impulse.

If that was the case, Sarah Palin would have been vice-president. Apparently, those in charge of selling us stuff (from laundry detergent to candidates) are entrenched on how they want things to be, not how they truly are.

When it comes to public relations, Bernie Sanders and U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren​ are the most approachable as people,  and consistent in their messages at all times. U.S. Senator Bernie
Sanders​ has maintained a consistent message for years that speaks to inequality and government corrupted by corporations.

Warren has not deviated on her point of regulating the corporations that run our country and ensuring a better way to pay for education, so our children and grandchildren are not saddled with enormous debt after graduating.

Both are on the side of students to ensure that we, as a Nation, have a well educated population that graduates debt-free and is able to contribute to the economy in ways that don't involve spending decades repaying student loans.

Graduating without debt should be a mandate, not a pipe dream. Imagine a well educated population that earns living wages. Now imagine the growth sector of housing, businesses that don't fail in the first year, and the ability to save and invest. Something that their parents are not able to do today.

The GOP wants to dismantle the educational system and use a series of vouchers for the selected few to attend private institutions. These vouchers are few and they also don't cover the entire cost of tuition and books, let alone living expenses.

Very few parents in this country can afford to subscribe to this nightmare of an educational system that is more like a lottery than the actual human right that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren support for all our children.

It is time for a real candidate that understand the lives of the "little people" - We need, want and deserve a real champion in civil service.

What we don't need is another corporatist towing the line for the corporations in a government position.

This includes all elected branches of government.

We need to vote for our selves, not the party line or the apparent de- facto candidate.

We are better than this and we need to prove it. It is possible that the media that expected and fanned the flames for a Clinton/Bush re-match is now licking their wounds of disappointment in shock and awe at the crowds Bernie Sanders is getting without publicity and fanfare.

It is not a coronation, it is an election in which old, young, gay and straight, male and female are showing their desperation for the change that will make our government one of, and by the people, not the corporations.

A government that would write the laws that asks "how does this benefit the people? How does it harm them?" and act accordingly with proper regard to us, the humans that drive this economy and are sick and tired of the "trickle down" stale crumbs.

2016 is around the corner and it is likely that our next president will be named Bernie.

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