Sunday, April 24, 2011


We have been following the struggle in Wisconsin to recall elected officials who are in the service of multi-billionaires rather than the people who elected them.  We are still keeping a close eye and sending support via social networks, volunteering and expressing our outrage at a political machine created with the sole intent of getting rid of laws and state governments.

Michigan has been under the radar, as has been Ohio.  Wisconsin's struggles and progress towards restoring the people's dignity has, and is, inspiring.  They are our collective underdog, our Super Bowl champions and a testament to what a united population can accomplish against greed, immense wealth, corruption and an unquenchable thirst for power.  But what is happening in Michigan? and why is it important?  Because as Rachel Maddow stated: Michigan is ground zero.

Michigan's governor wants to dismantle the state.  He wants to run it like a corporation and obliterate those pesky things that get in the way of getting what he wants, namely: poor people, black people, little kids, educations and pregnant teens.  The following videos from Rachel Maddow helps keep in the information organized and clearly stated.  Disclosure: I am a Rachel Maddow addict who can't get enough of well presented information that has been thoroughly researched.

The last video on the Michigan school is worth watching twice.




THE POLITICAL CARNIVAL has another story that should give you pause on how the poor, disinfranchised KIDS in foster care are thought of by Michigan's new royalty. Follow @gottalaff  on Twitter, you won't regret it.

Friday, April 8, 2011


The 2008 election was the culmination of frustration. We seemed to have this idea that once we expressed ourselves politically, the wrongs of the past would be righted and we could breathe a sigh of relief and get over the nightmare of the Bush years.

We were wrong. 

2008 was just the beginning and we need to continue to keep a vigilant eye when anyone applies for a civil servant job in our neck of the woods.  Wisconsin has been leading the way and teaching us lessons on democracy, civility, respect, justice and fairness that apply to every one of our neighbors across the country.  

We must heed these lessons and take them to heart in our own states and districts because the fringe elements of the political spectrum have grown violent, racists, homophobic and a breeding cesspool for everything we hope our children will not grow up to be.  

The fringe hates you for your freedom. They are the enemy within.  While they spout the words 'freedom' and 'patriotic', they work relentlessly to rob every one else of their rights while aiming to control private lives and private parts.


This political third-rail was not addressed during the eight miserable years Bush was in office.  It was not needed as a political tool and it was a non-issue.  Now, it is the political tool of choice.  Why is it that important? Why do they hate women? 

Controlling reproductive rights creates a sub-group of people that are forced to forgo any thoughts, dreams or aspirations of self on behalf of maintaining the health and sustenance of a vulnerable population: Children.