Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today's Blog is just for fun. 

I have had a lot of fun with my own furry ones, but my activities revolved around tossing Frisbees, throwing balls, running, walking, and basically keeping each other company.

Even as a teenager, it never occurred to me to dress up the dogs.  Either I had no imagination or found it too undignified for both humans and dogs.

We have to admit that there are some people out there that are heavily vested in making their pets part of every human holiday, some are quite creative and some are just too funny.  It is obvious that people love their furry family members to spend this much time and effort.

Going Bananas?

Aren't these referred to as hot dog? or sausage dogs?

"Humans are obsessed with food items"

In honor of Emilia?

Cops and Robbers
"Seriously, I do not like the cat behind bars, it is just wrong!"


Clever use of construction paper.  Hope the princess arrives soon with that magical kiss.

"I am not evil, my human is"

"Humans are strangely creative"
"My owner is one sick puppy!"  


"My Human is an Idiot!"


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Democrats should vote on every election

Democrats have been called every name in the book when it comes to politics. They have been accused of being spineless and not engaged. They have been called socialist and intellectual (as if that was a bad thing). They have been called ineffectual and big spenders and have been accused of raising taxes.


Intellectuals: Democrats are intellectuals because they value a solid education that will allow them, and their offspring, to mingle effortlessly with the rest of the world. This can be taken as a fact and rejected as the insult it has become.

Spineless: Democrats don’t want to polish their guns and declare violence against offensive behavior. They like to reason and meet in the middle. If that makes them spineless so be it, because people who value an education are repulsed by violence, racism, and aggression.

Big spenders: Democrats are very likely to spend tax payer’s dollars on education, job training and creation as well as health care benefits.  Republicans on the other hand don’t think twice about blowing trillions of dollars on wars, contractors, oil companies and obsolete weaponry.

This may very well be a tie depending on how we look at it, however, one could argue that social investment is more profitable in the long run that destruction and genocide.

Engagement: To hear the pollsters, Democrats are sitting out this mid-term election and yet, everyone I talk to is voting early and for democratic tickets because they can’t stomach another 8 years resembling the previous administration.

On November 2 we will find out if this is true or just another lie to discourage people from showing up at the polls. Perhaps the best way to counteract this mind game is by quietly, intellectually, and efficiently proving this to be wrong.

When President Obama stated clearly in his many speeches “I can’t do it alone”, it is unlikely that he expected those who elected him to shrink the democratic stronghold in Congress and the Senate during the mid-term elections.


It is an accepted notion that Democrats have always been on the side of human beings and Republicans on the side of corporations. In times of prosperity there was room for corporations to milk the constituents, but in today’s economic climate, balance must be restored for the good of the people and not the benefit of corporations.

For those who scream “I want my country back” (presumably all the way back to the Middle Ages or Revolutionary days), Democrats need to continue on a path of “Taking our country forward”, presumably towards the 21st century where the rest of the industrialized nations happens to be.

If Democrats want to become on par with industrialized nation, they should NEVER skip an election; Local elections matter and vetting everyone running from dog catcher, to city council, to mayor and governor MATTERS.

If Democrats want to maintain their VALUES of social fairness and equality, they should NEVER miss an election.

If Democrats want their children to learn facts and truth, they should NEVER miss an election.

If Democrats want to avoid seeing unqualified candidates polluting the airwaves, they should NEVER miss an election.

If Democrats want to prove that they truly believe in a better future while improving the present, they should NEVER miss an election.

If Democrats want to stop the idiocy of treating elections like a football game with clear losers and winners, they need to VOTE because the future of our country is not a game, it is a very real and serious situation that demands clarity, maturity and well though through objectives.

It takes intellect and reasoning to move forward because any jackass can destroy, but only people of good will can build a strong and healthy nation.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Women and Politics

I have been wondering why there is such a visceral revulsion among women when we hear the names of Sarah Palin, Christine O'Donnell, former Ebay executive Whitman, or Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett Packard. Let’s add to the mix Senate candidate Sharon Angle (known as Obtuse Angle and extremist wacko) and Sue Lowden (known as the “chicken lady”).

It is not that the revulsion has not been earned, is that there is more to it than that. A lot more that makes us cringe while we laugh at their stupidity and collective insanity.

We watch the men in our lives laugh at them with gusto.
We see that Saturday Night Live can't keep up with the amount of material they have to choose from.
We see that Comedy Central’s Colbert and Steward don't have enough time in their half-hour shows to cover all the jokes.
We notice that Bill Maher is restraining himself in his HBO weekly show.

Don’t get me wrong; women laugh too, we just can’t do it as loudly.

There is a knot at the pit of our collective stomachs that won’t allow us to let loose those hearty laughs that are so well deserved. The knot in our stomachs feels like a primal warning alerting us to upcoming dangers that screams “Laugh at your own peril”.

As we half-pay attention to the laughter emanating from the comedy show, we catch a glimpse of our daughter doing her Science homework and we cringe as the latest joke about Sarah Palin or Christine O'Donnell wheezes by.

We feel rage as the crowd in the studio can’t control their laughter while our other student is intently reviewing her debate class manuscript for errors and clarity.

THERE!!!! That’s the visceral revulsion, right there! Sitting at the kitchen table and working hard to be the best people they can possibly be.

Our collective revulsion is brought on by primal protectionism that no man-made law can amend.

Our daughters’ futures are compromised by the disgusting circus side show provided by the Sarahs, Christines, Whitmans, Fiorinas “chicken lady’s” and wackadoodles of this world who are ridiculing us all.

These females have effectively become our enemies because they threaten our daughters’ futures.

Mothers don’t believe that “Every woman for herself” is an appropriate motto with which to raise our children. Perhaps it is due to the fact that women are the ones who hold communities together by caring more about others than they do about themselves.

As mothers, we are women of vision who can see far and wide into a future when these young ladies sitting at the kitchen table will be full-grown women.

We are terrified by these latest entries into the political arena and the harm they are going to cause to women everywhere when it comes to career advancements, equal pay, the right to make personal choices about their lives and their bodies, but most importantly, the right to be taken seriously as a mature and responsible adult by a population that has been laughing to their heart’s content about the ineptitude of women everywhere.

We are reacting to our daughters’ futures.

We are reacting to the hurdles they will have to jump to be taken seriously because the “Chicken Lady”, or the Fiorina’s of this world are single handedly attempting to destroy the work done on our daughters’ behalf by their grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

Our venerable ancestors got us the vote. They strove for equality. They demanded respect. They paid with their lives, their sweat, their tears and they sacrificed so, we, the women of today, would not be laughed at, or dismissed with scorn and contempt.

Decades of having our voices heard are now being put in jeopardy for a juicy contract with Fox News or being a player in a multi-national corporation who needs insiders to erode the fabric of our democracy for their own greed.

These females don't care about others, they don't care who is buying and selling them, they don't have a vision of how their incompetence reflects on women everywhere.

These females are out for themselves and this makes real women cringe in disgust wanting to lash out and scream: "Sit down and shut the hell up!."

We Resent Them

We resent any woman who allows herself to be used as a prop.
We loathe them because they have sold out to the highest bidder.
We can’t stand them because they lack integrity or character.
We cringe because they are laughable when they speak.
We squirm when they defend their ignorance.
We are appalled when the facts prove their lies and they brush it off as if it does not matter.

Most of all, we are insulted when they defend their ignorance as something to be proud of because they are “Earthy” and “One of the people”, or worse, they claim to be "Just like you."

Our daughters’ are earthy and part of the people, and they are NOTHING like these females.  That last statement simply adds insult to an already infested injury.

Our daughters don’t hide their intellectual abilities or dumb down to be accepted. They work hard to stand their own ground and have their accomplishments recognized.

It is costing our daughters a great deal of effort and grief to be the strong and reliable citizens this country needs, but it is also building up a character their great-grandmothers and grand-mothers can be proud of.  So NO! these females are nothing like our daughters, yours or mine.

Let's get something clear right up front, women, real women, far outnumber the females in our country. We know these poor substitutes for real women are not representative of who we are and what we are all about.

Our knee jerk reaction is not due to the fact that we consider these females to be incompetent, insipid, bought and paid for by corporate media and multi-national corporations, or the fact that they are opportunistic individuals lining their pockets at tax payer's expense. This is not the problem, we have already put up with the same type of individual from their male counterparts, and even though, we despised these individuals as well, we did not have the same visceral reaction we have to these women.

The Ramifications

We have fought hard to shed stereotypes and be considered serious contenders in the political arena and when a female is disguised as a woman representative, we know we have been betrayed.

The next time a real woman tries to run for president, she will have to fight the image of nasty, vicious, opportunistic, and incompetent Whitman and Fiorina. They will have to fight the indelible image of dimwitted, uneducated, and uninformed Palin and O’Donnell.

Women know that these females are nothing more than empty vessels we can vote against, what we will never regain is the less rocky terrain we had before they were injected into the 24/7 news cycle.

Thanks to these females, our struggles have gotten harder, our roads have gotten steeper and we are rightfully resentful of these Saturday Night Live candidates that are jeopardizing our daughters’ futures for the sake of the mighty Dollar.

Perhaps women’s organizations can’t state these opinions as bluntly as I have, but then again, I am not an organization, I am a mother who needs to sound out the primal scream: “Laugh at your own peril.”

Our daughters’ future is in peril. We need to sound the alarm and vote with our clear vision of the future. These females cannot be allowed to represent us, nor can we trust them with anything of value, least of all, our daughters’ futures.

Leave your opinion, I'd like to hear from you.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Buying American Made Products

There was a time when buying foreign products did not seem to matter in the United States nearly as much as it does now. 

Americans failed to see the connection between products and employment because we manufactured many products to be exported world-wide.  With the manufacturing industry practically disappearing, unemployment rates high and consumer dollars short, it may be a very good idea for everyone to allocate some of their purchasing power to American Made products.

Some will immediately call this "protectionism", but the fact of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with protecting your job and those of your neighbors.  For those who think protectionism is wrong, just take a look at all the jobs that used to be done in the United States but are now being done overseas:  Call Centers, Technical assistance, manufacturing of American named products, construction materials, Industrial tools, Clothing... the list goes on and on and the jobs are gone.

No one is saying we can't own a Sony TV (I certainly do), but when it comes to items made in the USA that are well made and useful, there is nothing wrong with avoiding the Chinese made product and buying American instead. 
Buying American made products could save your job, your neighbor's, or create jobs for a family member or friend. In these economic times, the answer is a resounding ‘yes’, you should buy American made products if they are available.

Buying American made products can become complicated since many American companies are nothing more than nostalgic remnants of a by-gone-era. Many American companies are part of multi-national corporations that have shipped their jobs to other countries and funneled the profits to off-shore accounts...Read the rest of the article