Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Today's Blog is just for fun. 

I have had a lot of fun with my own furry ones, but my activities revolved around tossing Frisbees, throwing balls, running, walking, and basically keeping each other company.

Even as a teenager, it never occurred to me to dress up the dogs.  Either I had no imagination or found it too undignified for both humans and dogs.

We have to admit that there are some people out there that are heavily vested in making their pets part of every human holiday, some are quite creative and some are just too funny.  It is obvious that people love their furry family members to spend this much time and effort.

Going Bananas?

Aren't these referred to as hot dog? or sausage dogs?

"Humans are obsessed with food items"

In honor of Emilia?

Cops and Robbers
"Seriously, I do not like the cat behind bars, it is just wrong!"


Clever use of construction paper.  Hope the princess arrives soon with that magical kiss.

"I am not evil, my human is"

"Humans are strangely creative"
"My owner is one sick puppy!"  


"My Human is an Idiot!"


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