Monday, May 30, 2011

Representative Anthony Weiner - Twitter Scandal

Final Update?

Representative Anthony Weiner resigned. He will seek treatment and we'll hear more from him in the future. Maybe not a final update...

Representative Anthony Weiner admitted today (June 6, 2011) that those pictures were in fact his and he was very sorry and he is not stepping down.  Nancy Pelosi has called for an investigation to make sure no House rules were violated.  End of Update on this front.


The news of "those are my photos" were largely met by Democrats with a *Yawn* *So what?* and *No big Whoop* (for those of us from NY).  The fact is that democrats only object to sex scandals when they involve tax payer dollars and hypocrisy.   For instance, when someone like Larry Craig is anti-gay rights but is caught in a bathroom seeking sex with males.

The convenient timing of the photographs and Representative Weiner's tireless campaign to force Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas to release financial records and to recuse himself from any hearings on Health Care reform has seemed fishy to all from the beginning.

Breitbart is not a trusted source for anything. What he did to ACORN and Sherrod will not be forgotten or forgiven.

SEX, SEX and more SEX 
Democrats object loudly to those who run on "Family Values" like Senator Ensign.  To recap: Ensign is found to be involved in a convoluted sex scandal that involves the woman that works for him and her husband who is his Chief of Staff.  Their 18 year-old son gets a job paid for by the GOP.  Ensign's parents pay off the mistress and husband. Another senator, COLBURN, is found negotiating the pay-offs and covering up Ensigns "escapades".  To make matters worse, we find out that he used his position, power and wealth to force this woman into sex.

Democrats DO NOT like being preached at by those who claim to be holier-than-thou because they are very comfortable with their sexuality, bodies and lives.  Democrats understand that those doing the preaching suffer from arrested development and can only find comfort in sneaking in the shadows to practice their lascivious deeds.  Once they are found out, they fold like a house of cards.

How many mistresses has Newt Gingrich had? How many night stands?
How many mistresses has John Boehner had? So far, we have heard about two women and that is just by scratching the surface.

How many women before Anita Hill did Clarence Thomas screw (literally) out of their careers? How many were terrified to speak up and continue to remain silent?  What do we know about this man who has remained silent through his entire puppet career as a tool for the right wing?

There are a lot more sex scandals that we can talk about, but frankly, what we need to do is keep our eyes on the ball and that ball is JOBS, WORKER'S RIGHTS, WOMEN'S RIGHTS, HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE and PRISON REFORM. 
Those are just starters, we still have our military and the horrific cost of wars in terms of life, disabilities and finances.

We also have the pesky issue of the RYAN's KILL MEDICARE PLAN.
We need to keep our eyes on, and give our support to, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Indiana and all other states that are systematically destroying our rights and our laws and relentlessly eroding the middle-class by creating a new form of slave labor and working poor.

Howard Dean was right folks, even Sarah Palin could win the White House because our recent history indicates that when we are not vigilant and involved, we lose our democracy and rights as it happened in Wisconsin and across the Nation.

This is the update for today and I hope someone understands that these distractions are covering up a multitude of sins that have nothing to do with sex.

Rep. Weiner has been on the news lately due to a tabloid trash writer that fancies himself as a journalist. If you recall, Breitbart became famous by orchestrating "news" where there were none.  Controversy in Breitbart's stories are all too familiar, they involve creating scenarios in which black people, democrats, and sexual fetishes are intermingled in a plot that only a mentally deranged psychopath could contemplate as plausible.

It is obvious that Breitbart is obsessed with black people, kinky sex and delusional about his skills as a reporter and writer. We can only hope that charges of slander and defamation of character are only the beginning in a criminal investigation that will put things into perspective for him and his accomplices.

Breitbart has gone to the well far too often and come back crying wolf far too many times.  Let's recap Breitbart's "accomplishments" as a "journalist": 
  • ACORN - An organization that helped poor people (read: minorities, mostly black) to organize, get jobs, financing and voter registration.  Breitbart orchestrated a bizarre and poorly edited video with James O'Keefe of a pimp and a prostitute getting illegal advice from ACORN staffers.  After judicial investigation ACORN was exonerated but the damage intended was done.
  • James O'Keefe walked away unscathed to do further "pranks" that involved dressing up as a member of the Village People to tamper with the communications system in Senator Mary Landreau's office in Louisiana.  He went on to attempt to disgrace a CNN female reporter in a bizarre plot involving sex paraphernalia.
  • Shelley Sherrod - Fired as a USDA official thanks to creative manipulation of video tape to suit Breitbart's narrative of a racist black government official.  Later exonerated and offered her job back by an embarrassed Agriculture Secretary, Tom Vilsack, who apologized profusely for reacting so quickly without investigating the story.  The "victims" in the video were a white husband and wife who are eternally grateful to Ms. Sherrod for literally, saving the home farm and preserving their livelihood.  It is important to mention that Ms. Sherrod's father was murdered by a neighbor who shot him in the back of the head.  The Ku Klux Klan burned their infamous cross in the front lawn of Ms. Sherrod's home and her mother came out with a shotgun to protect the children inside the home.  It is important that we know and remember these things.
The recurring sexual theme involving sexual fetish, juvenile fantasies, racism and misogyny via Breitbart and James O'Keefe are difficult to ignore since they all find their way into contrived stories that involve women, minorities and democrats.

Breitbart's latest attack containing all the above elements is directed towards Representative Anthony Wiener and the "scandal" consists of what appears to be Photoshopped Twitter messages, photos of a man's engorged penis and a young woman who has never met Anthony Wiener.  This young woman has issued a statement that can be read here in its entirety. Representative Anthony Wiener stated that his account had been hacked and further steps to investigate the situation are forthcoming.

As stated earlier, the "scandals" Breitbart is "reporting" on have a recurring theme of sexual fetishes targeting black people and democrats, which brings me to the following question: Guess who else fits this narrative?

It is no secret that Representative Anthony Wiener has demanded that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas releases his financial records and recuse himself from any hearings pertaining to Health Care Reform.  
The forms disclosed information about Thomas' role on the board of the Horatio Alger Association and that he made $10,000 for a speech at the University of Minnesota. But it was his wife's role with Liberty Central and Liberty Consulting that was driving Weiner's all-day tweetathon. Because of a potential conflict of interest, Weiner thinks that Thomas should recuse himself from all rulings on the health care reform law. Read more here.
Clarence Thomas became infamous during televised hearing in which Anita Hill, a lawyer in his office, accused him of sexual harassment.  One of Clarence Thomas' famous and elegant seduction techniques were reported in Ms. Hill's testimony in which he would describe pornographic acts between women and animals as well as the now famous utterance: "Who put pubic hair in my Coke?"

Clarence Thomas' wife, Virginia, is a strange bird by most people's standards and even though her bombastic appearances at Tea Party meetings are enough to raise eyebrows, nothing spells w-e-i-r-d more than a phone call made to Ms. Hill twenty years after the hearings demanding an apology from her.  
There is no "shock and Awe" anymore, just a pathetic and disgusting pattern of behavior unacceptable in a civilized society.  Should we expect more from our Justice Department? or is freedom of speech not subject to consequences?

Because if that is the case, I am going to start making up stuff to ruin people's lives in order to accumulate massive quantities of money.... Oh, who am I kidding? I am a Democrat, we don't do that. Our values demand fairness, honesty, decency and the truth, but we are also human and are fed up with all this garbage slung from the likes of Faux "news", The Heritage Foundation, Koch Brothers and the other well organized and heavily funded corporations who have their hooks into every aspect of our government.




Fusion said...

Thank you for connecting the dots between Weiner as a twitter champion of universal health care and his subsequent vilification by twitter vigilantes. I'm pretty sure they photoshopped his account name onto that photo. If there was a competition for most unethical and dishonest reporting, Andrew Breitbart would win. I had heard about James O'Keefe, but did not realize the extent of his activities. We need to be aware that this mentally unstable person is trying to resolve his emotional issues by lashing out at people of color and white people who disagree with him. Keep up this excellent work. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

BlueTrooth said...

Very interesting angle regarding Clarence Thomas. At this point, I'm not convinced that Breitbart fills the "mastermind" billing in the latest sleaze campaign against Representative Weiner. Dan Wolfe (@patriotusa76) has an extensive online history and belongs to a posse of wannabe "importantes" (many have gone noticeably "quiet"). It seems more likely that Danny boy was hoping to impress the King of Sleaze and will pay dearly for his unbridled ambition. That doesn't excuse Breitbart from any culpability. I'm fairly certain Andrew has been "in the loop" of an upcoming breaking story and encouraged Danny at every twist and turn through the last 6 weeks (or more) spent setting the narrative. Odd that it does fit so neatly with the Clarence Thomas theme, however. Then again, the first comparison was made to Chris Lee and that NY-26 defeat is surely sticking in the craw of any conservative worth their salt. The upside that I've seen so far? The collective "left" immediately responded with complete skepticism or disregard. I didn't see any "uh oh, Weiner could be in trouble" comments. The overwhelming assumption was that Breitbart was just doing another Breitbart and the truth will prevail for Rep Weiner.
Thank you for the invite. I've bookmarked your blog and look forward to more thought-provoking columns.

Keir said...

I appreciate your thoughtful comments on this sordid tale, especially as I'm an outsider who only gets his news from the US via excited headlines. But the fact is that this guy was astonishingly negligent with confidential information, and his denials to the contrary show the characteristics of what makes the typical American politician of today: obfuscating, self-righteous and attacking others for their own inadequacy. Instead of coming out and clearing up the matter, he makes claims that others manipulated the photo, describing it as an "hoax" and "prank" yet refusing to get the police involved for hacking into his personal files and disseminating pornographic material. If this is his cavalier attitude towards confidential information he is expected to be entrusted with on his watch, how can he be trusted to maintain his community's security? Everything else seems to pale in comparison, and I am very uncomfortable with your focussing the attention away onto Mr. Breitbart, as if he had been the representative who took the photos in the first place and then lied about it.

Olivia Emisar said...


You may want to read about Journalism, ethics and above everything else, Breitbart's track record as someone who creates his own news and manipulates his own "evidence". As we speak, he is now stating he did not research anything or he even spoke or met with the person who sent him the photos.

As far as Representative Anthony Wiener is concerned, he has reported the matter to the authorities and can't say more than what he has said based on the ongoing investigation. The focus of the story is Breitbart because he made it up, coincidentally (of course) while Representative Wiener is demanding that Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, recuse himself from hearing health care reform cases since he profits from those who oppose it. The steaks for us citizens are too high and this Breitbart nonsense is a predictably sad Republican ploy of misdirection.

Thank you for your comment, while I respect your opinion, based on the circumstances, I can't agree with it.

Have a great day.

BlueTrooth said...

UPDATE Wow, what can I say? I was certain the time stamps would be proved to be altered. But Weiner has admitted he sent a DM over public twitter. I really feel used, to be honest. Developing a narrative that really had legs until the "real" truth had to be revealed. In case you couldn't tell, truth is at the foundation of my activism and I sincerely believed the pics were "bachelor hijinks" from before his marriage. For now, I'll get my fill of this humble pie and think twice before assuming Breitbart's judgement is clouded by narcissism and partisan motivations.

Peg said...

When the twitter story first broke, I thought there might be a grain of truth to it because I had gone though getting my daughter involved in politics with Jeff Smith in MO and he resigned and ended up in jail over an ethics issue.
That kind of broke my heart and made me realize anyone is capable of screwing up.
From the start, this has not been for me about what he did. He did not break the law, consenting adults were involved. However what he did do was humiliate thousands of people who supported him and went to bat for him this past week.
Had he immediately told the truth, we would be disappointed by not heartbroken.
The fact that this lends credibility to one of the worst people in this country (Breitbart) is also bothersome. It also removes some of the wind from the sails that were getting movement on the Thomas issue.
It's sad. There are sex scandals on either side and this is probably the one that is the most tame of them all.
It's up to his constitutes now and I hope they can separate the good he has done with this.