Saturday, August 20, 2011


The racists among us have found a solid base in the unholy alliance the GOP has made with the Tea Party.  Congressmen and Senators who have been bred on the tit of racist rhetoric don't bother to think twice about being politically correct and perhaps are using this opportunity to allow their true selves to be known to their own strange base.

Racism in the remarks made about President Obama are blatantly obvious to most of us, but those who utter those words feign indignation and claim to be victimized.  Me thinks, they protest too much.

Below are recent comments made by Senator Coburn as reported by Politico.  Some people will automatically see the "code" and racism because they have lived it and suffered through it, while others will gloss over it because they have heard it all their lives and it has become acceptable rhetoric they simply file away without much thought.  Coburn comments about president Obama has accused him of taking advantages of federal programs in order to receive his education.

Colburn also use code words to indicate "welfare" by using the word "dependency" - Which is something every white racists understands because they associate African-American and most minorities with being total dependency on welfare and social services.  Jonathan Capehart wrote an extensive article on the Washington Post from his perspective as an African-American and a human being.

Racism is alive and well in America and President Obama has become the "whipping boy" (like that?, me neither) in which to focus all the racial hatred and stereotypes that permeate the lives of anyone who has ever been referred to as "a person of color" (I hate this one with a passion) 

It is not just blatant Rush Limbaugh, it is every person that talks like them, acts like them and feign innocence after the fact.  We see them and hear them daily on television and radio, but some of us, actually have to endure their existence at work and in our own neighborhoods.

Public figures take a false position of being offended and maligned by those who call them up on their words.  It is THEIR WORDS, but calling them out offends them.  The other tactic is to claim their words were taken out of context and misrepresented by the "liberal media" (if you are a liberal, you want to find this "liberal media" as much as I do) 

Types of racists
  • The Arrogant - These are the ones who fully believe their race is superior to all others.  Any dilution of their "blood-line" is akin to a sin and if you go to their websites, they lament the decline of the Aryan race and spew hatred against minorities for reproducing faster than they can. These people still exist, they were out of the public realm for a while but very active in their own enclaves across the country.  Make no mistake, they have found an open forum among Tea Party groups and have been identified at Tea Party demonstrations.

  • The Clueless - These are the ones who don't even know they are racist.  They know they don't have any friends or acquaintances that are "of color" but consider that a natural state of affairs, because where they live and work, there aren't any of "those people." - When they hear a racist joke, they laugh and don't think ill of themselves.  The stereotypes about minorities have been etched into their brain and no amount of reason will ever erase these notions. These are the people who are offended by being called a racist and demand to know why black people can use the "N" word and they can't. - Cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it, this is an entitlement, they don't get. Period. -
  • The Users - These people are racists to the core, but they also suffer from a bad case of prejudice.  They not only hate minorities but they hate anyone who does not match them in power and wealth.  Therefore, if you are white middle-class or poor, they look down at you with the same disdain as any minority.  The difference here is that this group is very adept at using the other two groups mentioned above for their own purposes. 
Surely you can think of other categories, but those are mine.  I have had enough dealings to recognize those three and I have had enough.

In the category of The Users I find the puppet masters.  These are the ones that feed the talking points to the Rush Limbaugh's of the world and Bill O'Reilly's.  It does not matter what their name is, all that matters is that they deliver the message.  They all read the same talking points and saturate the airwaves with hatred of "Others" and the Arrogant and Clueless feel vindicated and reassured that everyone thinks and feels as they do.  The Arrogant and the Clueless are easily swayed to part with their hard-earned money to assure protection from the hordes of minorities swarming the land and meaning them harm.

The Arrogant buy AK-47s, military fatigues and survival rations.  They know, they just know, that someone is coming for their women, their land and their food.  They must be prepared for these upcoming events.  The billion dollar industry that feeds on their paranoia continues to laugh all the way to the bank.  

The Arrogant crowd are tired of being on edge and can't wait to instigate a horrific confrontation in which they will feel vindicated.  They taunt by bringing their weapons to public places and use intimidation techniques to provoke "others" - specially if they are white, but liberal, or elitist democrats who betrayed their race by supporting an "Other" into the White House.  (Thank you! from the bottom of our hearts, you wonderful WHITE people)

It is the Clueless and The Arrogant that are so uncomfortable with a half-white president that are willing to vote against their own best interest just to make sure the nightmare goes away.

It is obvious that they have a much lower-tolerance point than those of us who endured eight horrible George W. Bush years.  We have called these people, ignorant, stupid, uninformed, hateful... and of course, my labels above don't help the matters any.  What we rarely call them is insecure and frightened. This is not meant to elicit sympathy, but to make it clear that people who feel threatened (albeit in their own minds), are the first ones to "lock and load" and keep a finger on the trigger.


Congressman Doug Lamborn (R-CO) - "Being associated with President Obama would be similar to touching a Tar Baby"

Rush Limbaugh - Too long of a list, but here are 10 from News One.

The Washington Post reports on Tea Party protesters spitting at Congressman Emmanuel Clever (D-MO), racial epithets and slurs against Representative Barney Frank (D-Mass).  One gay, one black. Surely a coincidence and besides, we have already forgotten this, right?

President Jimmy Carter stated clearly that the attacks on President Obama are racists.  It is obvious that for anyone living in the South and familiar with the KKK and all their other bastard organizations, there is no doubt on what is behind the Tea Party and The GOP when they use words and commentary that most decent human beings find reprehensible, for President's Jimmy Carter complete statement read the CNN article: Carter again cites racism as factor in Obama's treatment 

Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins (R-KS) - Extolling the virtues of Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan as "The Great White Hope." - We forgot about this too, right?

I could go on, but there is not enough space in a blog entry, especially when there is more to write about. 


The GOP can't do anything about the damage the Tea Party has done to their brand.  The Users needed a base and an established party; the two came together like peanut butter and jelly.

The latest discussion on Tea Party sites is how they are using the GOP to their own ends and will get rid of the entire lot with each passing election.  The only uniting thing between the two is the fact that they both want President Obama out of office, but once they have achieved that, the next people to go, according to the Tea Party sites, are the establishment GOP. 

DO NOT expect a back link from me to those disgusting sites - Google the key concept and you'll find it easily.  You can go to You Tube and find David Duke and his connection to the Tea Party - Google, The Council of Conservative Citizens (The Users) and their minions (The Arrogant): Rebels With A Cause.  There are more of these organizations throughout the country and many of their members belong to several groups who share similar fears and a bad case of untested ideology.  Most of them call themselves "Patriots" and you won't find a single minority among their rank and file.  Feel free to read more at The Southern Poverty Law Center.

Visit The Southern Poverty Law Center and find your state in the map and see where these groups are in your state.  You may be surprised by the sheer number in so-called "liberal" states.

These people are not only an insult to all white people but to humanity at large.  No one explains it better than Cenk Uygur  by dissecting the language used against Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor by Pat Buchannan.  What category described above do you think he falls into?  Just curious about your thoughts and impressions.

In case you missed this long video of Pat Buchannan and Rachel Maddow before WE, the People, elected President Barack Obama, notice how racially charged this long verbal battle is and how entrenched Buchannan is in his rhetoric  - Watch and tell me what has changed in the past 3 years.  Has it gotten more blatant? Less? or is the media continually throwing more fuel into the fire that should have been extinguished through refusal and education?

PEACE to all - We need it. 

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Michael said...

A thougthful yet passionate discussion on racism. Olivia, you have teased apart the motivations superbly. Bravo, my friend. I've shared this for your message needs to be read and learned from so that the majority of moral people can open their eyes and start taking action to counter this hate.

Morgan said...

Even during the Bush presidency, the ugly head of racism was raising its snarling head and it has only gotten worse with Obama as President. This is unacceptable to me as an American citizen. It should be unacceptable to the majority of us.

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, it's me Shelly from the Coven. LOL. Great piece. I agree whole heartedly with it. As to Pat Buchanan, we know all about him as a month ago he called our President, Boy to Rev. Al. This racism makes me physically ill. The night Barack was elected, I cried. It was for the beauty of a country who had elected it's first African American President, it was for the hope he represented and it was in fear of what the future held for him. While I thought we had evolved as nation, I knew those groups you referred to were there lurking underneath. I wondered where they would surface and now we know. They have managed to polarize our government in such a negative way. I would only add that I think you left a group out and it's because they're hidden in among the Clueless. I think, they could be called the fakers. You know, the people who say they aren't prejudiced, they have a black friend, or they work with a black person and get along with them. They proclaim their accpetance of the races a little too much. But deep inside they knoe exactly who and what they are. How disgusting. I love your blog Liv!

Olivia Emisar said...

Shelly, *coven sister* :-)

Yes, you are so right. You just reminded me of a neighbor who does not miss the opportunity to tell me how she discusses politics with an old co-worker who is black.

She always manages to inject how there was racist at work and how good she was to this black friend... blah, blah..

I have never said, "my white friend said..." or "My white co-worker did..."


Thank you for your posts Shelly, Michael and Morgan. I appreciate my readers and most of all your engagement.

PEACE to all

R. Renées Blogs said...

Prior to Barack Obama running for president, I had to 'actually tell' and try to 'convince' my children that racism was still alive and well... Convincing them was nearly an impossible feat at that time because they weren't exposed to circumstances that made the biased truths obvious. Once the President started his 2008 campaign, and the truths began to unveil themselves, it saddened me to know that my kids would no longer be shielded from the truth; but instead, they would be forced to see American ugliness at its worst as it eased its way out from beneath worn, tired, and tattered carpets that lost their ability to continue concealing the truth... Check out my blog and follow me at .

R. Renées Blogs said...

Hey... I've been following you for a long time now... Look at your follower photos.... I'm right there in the second row... Person number 7...

I don't know why you cannot see any Follow Me buttons on my blog... Maybe this is why I only have 1 follower... LOL!! Any who, I can see my lonely follower when I view my blog while signed out of Blogger but not when I am signed in... Don't know if this is normal or not... Give it another shot and tell me what you see... Thanks...

BlueTrooth said...

Funny thing happened on Saturday night, while we were roasting marshmallows around the campfire. My boys had some questions about the President, but the first one was, "Why do people care if he's black?".
I knew where the question came from because we live in a small, rural town of 5600 people (I live in the metro area during the week) and there are about 10 black families in the whole place. Unfortunately, racism rears it's ugly head among the kids repeating what they hear at home. The odd thing is, because there are so few black neighbors, the racism really isn't apparent until the President comes up. It's the most basic form of racism, in my opinion. It's a "tribal" form. And it's easy to forget it exists until my Son pipes up with an innocent question.
So I asked him, "Why do you think it should matter?" (essentially asking the question I hope he will ask). He gave me the simple answer, "It shouldn't, I don't care about that" and his brother chimed in with a "yea, it's stupid". And with that I said, "You're right. You can disagree with anyone, even the President. But if it's based on their skin or their body, it automatically means you're wrong".
I'll be the first one to admit I am not entirely without fault when it comes to prejudice or even bigotry. I likely have faults that would only be realized under stress. Some things are so internalized that they're difficult to decipher and I'm only one generation removed from the "Homeland". But as a child, I heard it all. As a child with darker skin, growing up in a very "privileged" white community? I was called "beaner". And to really make things confusing, in Junior High I was threatened by a group of Hispanic boys at a football game. My crime? I was hanging out with the "rich, white fags". At the same time, I'm hearing some crude remarks from inside my circle of friends and family about "those people" while they chide me with Mexi-man and Spicster. The experiences, and there are many more, have given me an opportunity to see the issue of racism in a more "rounded" way, but the basic feeling was best summed up by my Son when he said, "It shouldn't" matter. It let's me know I'm doing at least some things right, but we've still got a ways to go.
With regard to the politics of racism, there's really no other explanation for the over-the-top, damn-the-torpedoes resistance of the Tea Party and the Republican's blatant pandering and participation. It's not about "Socialism", that's just code for "different". Socialism isn't so bad if a white President authorizes TARP funds or makes loans to Automakers. But when the man with dark skin wins? It's the end of America as we know it and that white guy had absolutely NOTHING to do with TARP or loans. It's blatant racism. It needs to be called out for what it is.

Art_Guy1 said...

Olivia: Excellent analysis. You nailed it. I have been involved exploring racism towards Native Americans for the past 10 years. The same racist patterns apply to most minority groups. Thanks for the post.

Olivia Emisar said...

Thank you all for your comments and for raising your kids to be better than previous generations.

My kids don't see color, they see people they like and dislike based on how they treat one another. It amazes me and yet... it does not.

They go to school with openly gay friends and super-smart, intelligent and dedicated kids that are oriental, black, Hispanic and like their own family members... a multi-national conglomeration.

It is normal to them and when they watch the news and hear GOP and Tea Party reps bashing the president, they are quick to pick up how wrong they are the racists "code" words.

I am glad, in a way, this is so blatant now. We can no longer pretend it is not there, and these are better times.

On a related note: How COOL is it that a statue of Martin Luther King is now in D.C.? - It makes me happy.