Sunday, October 23, 2011

Common Sense is Not Common

Occupy Wall Street
As my mom likes to remind me: "Honey, common sense is not as common as you think." Below is what's been on my mind after, sadistically, watching Meet the Press and Cristianne Amanpour's shows this morning.  

Never again! - *Employing that common sense mom keeps talking about*

What's on my mind?

Ron "fraud" Paul is crazy like a fox.  He'll never win the presidency and he knows it, but the base has been bamboozled enough to continue to send him money. His base is unable to connect the dots between a racist, woman hater, who rails against government but has not had any other job in decades - he is the welfare queen they despise so much.

John McCain is not part of this GOP race, but he tries to be upfront and center whenever possible and only when war is involved.  He is a bitter old man who sullies everything our brave citizens in uniform stand for.  His "expertise" is as irrelevant as an 8-track tape in modern days but that won't stop the GOP hopefuls from invoking this morning's opinions opinions on the next debate.  McCain's over-blown image as a war hero is just as indelible in republicans minds as the inaccurate version of President Ronald Reagan. 

Newt Gingrich can't keep a wife or staff members and he is winging the debates in the hope of selling more of his irrelevant diatribe in hard cover.  As a former, and failed, house speaker he should have the common sense of retiring with his millions and his next ex-wife to another country.  This one is obviously not to his liking.

Bachmann is a disgrace to women-kind - Enough said about this parasite of society who has lived off the people's tax money for decades - Her family farm is subsidized by tax payers - Received ample funds from tax payers to have a string of foster kids go through the revolving doors of her house - She and Marcus are making a killing from Medicare payments on her "cure the gay" clinic. - Okay, maybe now I  have said enough. She makes no sense at all.

Herman Cain is an opportunistic moron who follows in the path of Sarah 'Alaska disaster' Palin and whose sole intent is to unload as many books as possible before his flame fizzles out. (that and get speaking engagements and a steady contract with Faux "news") - His 9-9-9 proposal has been discredited by everyone with a calculator, but he is doubling down today! - When confronted with the fact that this plan will place poor people in greater hardship, he stated that "I have a way to fix that, I just have not divulged it yet" - Good Herman, good! just keep it to yourself because nothing you say, makes any sense anyway.

Willard Mittens Romney is afraid of not pandering to enough people, so he changes his tune daily which is no longer funny or marginally interesting. This guy definitely has no common sense, and yet, he is the most likely of the bunch to become the GOP nominee.

Perry is like "W" but dumber and meaner.  He doubles-down on the sanctity of life and never makes the connection between what he spouts and the fact that he has murdered American citizens on a regular basis.  The most offensive thing about him, is that after executing 234 people, he has the audacity to stay that he "does not lose sleep over executing possibly innocent people" - This is what we aspire to be when we grow up? This is the type of person we want representing us? Does this man make any sense?

The GOP selection pool has become nothing more than an opportunistic way to strike while the iron is hot and part people from their hard-earned money quickly.  We have never seen such a blatant display of "buy my book" and "attend my $$$ dinner" as we have in this election cycle.  Yes, it was done before, but not with this lack of grace or class, or without having some real credentials in leadership and common sense

Not a single one in this bunch is fit to be president. As mom would say: "I told you before... I'll tell you again... common sense is not as common as you think."

PEACE to all (and patience, lots of patience)

Image: Occupy Wall Street by David Shankbone CC-BY-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Anonymous said...

What I love about the occupy movement is the massive reset of the slick GOP spin machine that controlled the media for years.

No matter how stupid, no matter how much of a lie it was, it always seemed to be true.

Somehow it feels like it is over now but someone didnt tell the GOP candidates that. They arent aware yet, how irrelevant they are, theyve been living in their own echo chamber.

Marie re67u