Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to get State I.D. in time for Voting.

Clinton Lester Booker (Deceased)
A Friend (@Olithechef) had her purse stolen and has been busy going about the business of reclaiming her identity. She found something interesting in the process of reclaiming her Social Security card and State I.D. - This may be valuable for those who need a State I.D. to vote in the most restricted voting states like Ohio.

This is specially helpful for those who are young and have a social security number, but no physical card.  Many parents have held on to their kid's original social security cards and waited for the right time for the kids to have them only to find out that they were misplaced or forgotten.

Below is her recount:

The only think that the SS Department will accept if you don't have ID; they'll accept insurance information or a paper from the doctors saying you were there. You information must be on the paper, including your Social Security number. (They don't care about birth certificate, bills, tax infor. NOTHING except insurance or doctor.)
I asked him "What if you don't have insurance or have not been to a doctor for a while (ME - I am healthy as a horse) and he said; "Go to the free clinic, get an appointment for a general check up (which is free) and tell them  you don't have ID."
So I did it. I walked in, gave them my information, got a check up and asked them to copy my information on the page.  I went back to the Social Security office with ALL my papers, and the only thing he took was my paper from the clinic, punched it in, handed me a piced of paper back and said; "Your SS card will be there in 5 days."
At that time I'll take my Social Security card, two proof of address (Bills, letters) to the DMV and get my license or State ID. The license is the only thing that costs me. It is that simple."
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Image Credit: By United States Social Security Administration (United States Social Security Administration) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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