Thursday, May 9, 2013

Speak up Against Racism

Mexico City
I realize that being Latina/Hispanic/Spanish/White/Black/Lebanese/Haitian/French/British/Italian and (gulp!) White ... Makes me a completely ignorant ass who will never amount to anything. However, I still have to ask a few questions in the hope I may become smarter.

According to the white nationalists, my children and grandchildren will fall into the retarded category. All future generations will be cursed with the same affliction.

It is, after all, a curse in our DNA.

(does not explain all the Hispanic/Latino(a) kids I.Q's. that landed them in the talented and gifted program, or the fact that they are graduating H.S. with college credits and Honors)

Again, maybe my atrophied brain, small as a pea, is incapable of comprehending the subtle nuances of the inferiority premise offered below.

(I used big words above, sorry... my bad.)

For all practical purposes, we are so incredibly unintelligent that we should be on permanent disability, food stamps, and all sorts of social welfare.

I am so glad that these nice white folks finally figured out what is wrong with my entire family tree and all those billions of people of Hispanic Heritage.

After all, they should have known - or some white folks should have told them - that they would never discover America or any other lands. That they would never expand their language throughout the world and be the national language of most Nations.

Madrid - Spain
So what if they invented Lollypops? (known as chupa-chups and copied world-wide), the mop and bucket? (yes, from Spain), The submarine ?(yes, Spain again), The Beret? (no, it is not French, they are just a lot more stylish in the way they wear it.)

- Lord! is there anything a French woman looks bad in? - But I digress. It is a sign of stupidity on my part, of course.

A Mexican inventor (Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena) got the first patent for color T.V. - Maybe some of them white Gringos can say gracias?

Pancho Villa, Ceasar Chaves... The list of people goes on and they are Mexicans,
Bogota - Colombia
Puerto Ricans, Chilean, Peruvians, Argentinians, Colombians and more. The list of countries goes on as well, but my limited intelligence continues to show its signs of incompetence and I continue to digress.

Obviously, these superior white nationalists (of what nation?) must mean the slave labor that picks tomatoes that white nationalists are too incompetent ... Oops! - too intelligent to pick themselves.

Or the women they trust to raise their children because they are too lazy and uncaring... Oops!, too busy being "job creators" to do it themselves.

Which leads me to question the intelligence of white nationalists decisions to entrust their food supply, their children, and their homes, to such incompetent Latino pariahs.

White nationalists obviously don't know about people like Picasso, Diego Rivera, Miguel Angel Espino.... and the hundreds of thousands that gave life to paint, words, and many a sigh to the aspiring soul.

The racists, er... I mean, the white nationalist, must mean the brute and ignorant Mexicans that... beat the tar out of the French, Spaniards and the British.

Obviously a fluke in strategy and creative thinking. It can't possibly be that intelligent people found a way to push back against such formidable enemies. Right? - especially since they are brown?

It is such a relief that the quackery has explained our inferiority due to our ethnicity.  It is good to know that our collective incompetence is through no fault of our own.

Nothing is.

Obviously God made us stupid for a reason.

It would be interesting - ramblings of an addled mind again - to ask the Koch Brothers if they are as racist as we perceive them to be. Or do they just put racist people in The Heritage Foundation prominent positions by accident? - If so, is that a sign of intelligence?, If not, can they just come out in their KKK sheets and be themselves?

I am just asking because I am too stupid to figure it out for myself.

Again, I humbly apologize for asking questions. Please be patient, and remember that I am, after all, an idiot.

A note to white supremacists:

White Europeans are not going to give up their higher quality of life and higher standards of education to increase your numbers. You see, they are white.

Just not stupid.

White Nationalists is a special breed we grow in the United States. It may have something to do with the fact that centuries ago, European garbage was dumped here. You know, the ones they were not fit for polite society.

Has anyone done a bit of research into your DNA?

Someone should.

It is just too embarrassing for Americans in general to allow you out in public without an explanation.

Respectfully, with sombrero in hand, I request you all burn in the eternal fires of hell for making my country (Yes the USA, you morons!) the laughing stock of every industrialized nation.

P.S. Hey GOP!, how is that "Hispanic Outreach" thingy working out fer ya? - From this angle, it is not looking muy bien.

Keep telling yourselves that the Republican party is not the party of racism and bigotry, because as you hope, Hispanics/Latinos may just be addled-brained enough to believe you.

Yes, we are laughing at you.
Adios Pendejos!

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