Monday, March 24, 2014

Saving Money on What You Need

Some of us take pride in getting a good deal and we feel smart about saving money getting the same thing someone else got for a lot less.

For a lot of us, pride is the last thing involved. Saving money on what we need is an absolute necessity.

Christmas holidays, Birthday celebrations, Going away presents, First day of school, New shoes for the kids, or replacing worn out clothes take a huge chunk out of a checkbook that is on life support and barely hanging in there. 

My primary place to look for things that are needed or we are obligated to purchase is online.

I will compare prices between trusted sites, but when it comes to purchasing the items in question, I always go through - It is easy to set up an account and during the holidays I typically score an additional 5% to 10% in cash back.

When it accumulates, I have them transfer my cash back to my Pay Pal account or checking account.

If you join through this blog it cost you nothing and they give me something back. 

Hot Deals

I don't get squat for referencing but I use them often as a quick resource for comparison purposes. Most of the items found in can be found at, but occasionally, there is a little undiscovered gem that just makes my day. rocks my world. However, they rock it a little less now that I have to pay taxes in my state, and in order to get free shipping, I have to spend $35 instead of $25. Even with their rules change and opting out of purchasing their Prime subscription, I often snag items for a lot less than anywhere else.

I am an affiliate with them and if you go through the link below, I get a small commission that costs you nothing.

If you have a college student living at home, they get Prime with Amazon for $39 a year after they have it for a 6 month free trial period.

What about those pesky shipping fees that make a good deal lose its luster?

I have been successful using - Keep an eye out for their promotions because from time to time, they offer a 1-year free membership that includes free 2 day shipping from popular sites. This is specially handy during the holiday season frenzy.

Don't feel like running over to CVS to pick up shampoo and other toiletries? have them deliver for free in two days via Shop Runner. Is the notion of stepping into Toys R Us in December making you queasy? Go to and find the item you are looking for, add coupons and discounts and have them ship through ShopRunner for free.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, ShopRunner has a 1 year promotion for free.

I don't get anything for telling you this. It is just a public announcement I provide gladly in the hope it will help you keep some money in your wallet.

If you have any shopping tips that will help others do the same, please leave a comment below and we will include the information on this blog.

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