Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senator Rockeffer on Media and Public Interest

Senator Rockefeller exploded and verbalized what many of us have been saying for a long, and exhausting time. We all know someone who only uses their television to play games or watch movies. We all know someone who only turns it on to watch sports.

The committee meeting focused on Fox and MSNBC, but it can apply to every network that that turns news pieces into intertainment. Information, positive or negative, is meant to educate, not to entertain. That job should be reserved for networks who do reality shows or focus exclusively on the insipid life of celebrities.

Watch this video and comment below on how it makes you feel. I for one, would like to see better quality programming, journalistic integrity... and a lower cable bill.

John Stewart's rally and discussion with Rachel Maddow may be more relevant in lieu of Senator Rockefeller's remarks.


Essi said...

Time Warner is the Antichrist!

Well, okay, no, but I haven't missed cable since opting out a couple years ago. The price is ridiculous, there wasn't much on, and when there was, we were busy doing other things anyway. The free stations have been enough for us.

And I do hate the entertainment mindset that is overtaking all sorts of media. Sure I like to be entertained, but I'd also like to be treated like an adult who can handle serious news.

Georg Grey, Mexico said...

I don't have a tv, period. If I had one, I would get sucked in, like most everybody else, I guess. I get my news by listening over the Internet to BBC World Service, and I watch 'Heute Journal', an intelligent news program on German Channel 2 (I do that on the computer, too.)

It just paused when I realized that I was going to write 'News Show' instead of 'News Program'. Pretty telling, ain't it?