Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Help the 99ers

Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching.  There are millions of Americans who have not had the fortunate pleasure of enjoying a Holiday Season without stress or the looming doom of losing their homes.  

Many of us are not able to help financially and yours truly is included in this group since I barely make enough to help support our family, but thank goodness I can write and help spread the word and now, you can too.

If you are able to help a 99er go to the website created by Nicole Sandler, a radio host who is unable to help financially but is getting people together so we can all help each other. Helpthe99ers.com   has an active forum that allows people in desperate need to tell their stories.  This allows people who are in a position to help to do so.  Some people have offered a spare room until someone got back on their feet, another may want (and be able) to send a month's rent or help with a utility bill.  

This organic movement happened out of desperate need to help and Nicole Sandler saw the opportunity to have regular folks help regular folks.  We all know the 99ers are not unemployed because they want to but because American corporations are hiring millions of people overseas and hardly any of us in the USA.

McDonald already has over 3 million employees, they don't need anymore.  Wal-Mart has more potential employees than they are able to handle and we need to stop thinking or assuming that people are lazy.  That is a talking point that has had enough mileage with no basis in the truth.  Engineers are not lazy, they are unemployed because no one is hiring.  People with several degrees are applying for minimum wage jobs.  People with no degrees are competing for the same jobs.  NO ONE IS HIRING. Period.

We can help each other.  We have to.  Those of us who still have compassion and the ability to help have a moral inclination to do so, and for those of you who can't help in any financial or physical way, you have the option to inform as many people as possible that there is a way to help the 99ers by passing the link on to as many of your friends, co-workers, family members and neighbors as possible.
Who knows? you may be instrumental in helping a 99er family start 2011 on the right foot.

Thank you for reading, until the next time, I wish you PEACE.

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