Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Republican Infomercial

 According to the Daily Caller Michelle Bachmann may have disclosed classified information during last night's debate.

  • Her being assigned to the Intelligence Committee just goes to show there are dumber people than her in Washington - When we vote her out, we must vote out those responsible for giving her access to classified information.   I mean, what's next? Outing a CIA agent?

Newt Gingrich took on a decidedly Reagan-esque stance last night and felt short of spelling Amnesty for anyone who had "done something bad" by entering the country 20 or 30 years ago.  The commentary on the main stream media speculates that this will hurt him with the base (whoever these people are) in the same manner it harmed Perry when he was attacked over providing low-cost tuition to the children of Immigrant who were/are not documented.
  • "The Base" does not want a vague resemblance to fairness, justice or a heart when it comes to "others" But I submit to you that Newt used this opportunity to pretend he had a heart, or a clue, based on the dismal effects that passing hateful and racists laws against migrant workers have had on Alabama's and Arizona's economy.  He is shrewd, not cool.
  • I would also like to point out that Newt's attempt to show he has a heart when it comes to migrant workers and immigrants in general fails miserably after the past few days in which he has been sharply criticized for wanting our children - as young as nine - to take over the janitorial duties in their schools. - Because every parent in this country DREAMS of their elementary school children using heavy polishers and scrubbing toilets to support the family.  After all, what parent wants their kids to do something as useless as reading and writing? Please take a moment to take a look at these pictures and read these children's stories. I beg you! please do so. 
  • Another point to observe is how Newt Gingrich waxed on about family values during the debate and the lack of credibility that someone with his history has in any of these true and tried sound bites.  What works for others, can't possibly work for a man with such a dismal personal history of divorce, cheating and hypocrisy. You can read more about Newt Gingrich on a previous article on this blog. 
Rick Perry came across as usual: Uninformed, wanting to say something profound but stumbling to connect information and thoughts into coherent sentences. Nothing new here but he did not stumble as badly as in previous debates.

Mitt Romney did not distinguish himself in any way, however, as a personal observation, it seems that he has been told repeatedly that he needs to be less wooden and connect with the audience in a more animated manner.  Unfortunately, his normal arrogant demeanor combined with animated force makes him come across as angry and demanding. Not a good combination for a hopeful commander-in-chief.

Ron Paul comes across as he always does: the reasonable grouchy grandpa that wants the 'darn kids to get off his lawn' - As usual, his rhetoric strongly advocates for doing nothing-about anything-ever - When it comes to foreign aid, it is 'every man for himself' - I have written about Ron Paul in greater detail in the past and it is hard for this writer to find redeeming qualities in this candidate since I follow the rhetoric with the actions and behavior of this individual and one of the words I tend to come up with time and again is hypocrite.

The remainder in the group of GOP hopefuls worth mentioning is Santorum for his outrageous statement of calling other religions 'radical' - when he is the poster child for radical religious ideology.   Worth mentioning as well is Huntsman who typically comes across as the only rational adult in the psych wing.  Unfortunately, the base is addicted to those who resemble them, so he does not get much room in these debates.

The Bad News

There are 13 debates currently scheduled.  Here are the times and dates so you can program your DVR or Tivo or... make other plans for the evening. 

The Good News

The fact that we are outraged at the blatant attempt of these people to sell books and garner media attention instead of seriously running for office is a good thing.  It makes people who normally don't pay attention to politics aware that governance is everyone's business and that character and substance matter when it comes to problem solving and clearing the way toward a better future.

Happy Thanksgiving and PEACE to all


Anonymous said...

Nothing on Bachmann?

I have wondered whether romney's strategy is to let his opponents implode so he's attempting to be as bland as possible.

I am wondering whether these debates are backfiring on republicans though. I can see why they wanted to do it. They have controlled the national dialogue for so long and they thought they would continue to. but i think occupy has thrown them into harsh sunlight and making them looking clownish and basically irrelevant.

Marie re67u

Olivia Emisar said...

I agree, I think the Occupy movement #ows has helped greatly to shine a dissinfecting light on everything that is wrong with our system. By the way, Bachmann was mentioned first. I think that letting out classified information pretty much trumps all other idiotic statements she made. However, there are several more debates coming up and I expect that unless she quits, she will be up front and center once again. Have a great Thanksgiving! and thank you for reading and your comments.

Anonymous said...

you're right, of course, about Bachmann. That'll teach me to get distracted after the first paragraph! Appalling she'd give away national secrets.

have you noticed the libertarians, esp Ron Paul trying to latch onto occupy?


Olivia Emisar said...

Hi Marie,

Everyone with marginal celebrity - radio and television pundits and hosts - have jumped on the #ows bandwagon and want to claim more than they ever contributed.

I remember when A) they never paid attention and B) derided them for not having a leader or one solid single objective. Now they all realize that this is a massive movement of people with a wide scope of systemic grievances that need to change and are adapting.

However, those who invented the game and the rules - Gop & corporations - are at a loss because they can't attack them with one talking point and there is no leader to destroy.

Very clever of the occupy movement -
Did you notice that the only people not taking any credit or making mention of the #ows is the White House?

I think they are sitting back and enjoying the moment.

"We are the change we have been waiting for" finally resonated with the 99%

I am giddy with happiness :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family!

I am really excited about occupy, esp since it has changed the national conversation! i have, for the longest time, been sick of hearing outright lies from gop and it being treated like truth by the media.

Washington seems to be trying its hardest to ignore occupy. I worry Obama is not saying enough of the right things because he could fragment the left. I wish he'd say things like we have a constitutional right to assemble, we have the right to speak.

There was a giant lurch to the left in the last election, Obama could capitalize on it, but will he?

marie re67u

BlueTrooth said...

Whew! Finally got your blog back in my bookmarks! I recently upgraded my computers and that's kept me pretty busy, but not too busy to miss any of the Republican debates.
What I find most intriguing is the "compare and contrast" element that #OWS has brought to the debates, in general. Without focusing on any particular candidate's positions, there is the basic contrast of Republican branded "conservatism" against the basic message of income disparity and the "99 Percent". While OWS is clearly not affiliated with either political party, they offer the "visual" rebuttal to typical conservative reactionary policy positions.
While I've been critical of OWS on occasion, there is no denying the positive impact it has had on steering the national dialogue toward the fundamental principle of opportunity in America. And after each Republican debate I ask myself why the Republicans refuse to focus on providing equal opportunity. Maybe it's as simple as realizing they, as a political organization, have never embraced the concept of equal opportunity in the first place.