Thursday, January 19, 2012

Letter to GOP Candidates

We wish this nightmare was over. We can't wait to re-elect President Obama and get on with our lives as we intend them to be.  

Your presence on the political stage is cementing the notion in our collective minds that CIVIL SERVICE is for people who want to serve the 99% not the 1% - For that, we owe you a debt of thanks.

Your party and the Koch brothers have forced our hand into activism and regardless of what anyone has to say about the Occupy movement, we are glad to see them off the couch and inconveniencing your lives.  You have destroyed ours - turn about is fair play.

Collectively we have come to the conclusion that democracy for all trumps the benefits of capitalism for the few.

Capitalism is not bad. What it has deteriorated into is the stuff nightmares are made of.

Newt - I did not think there was much more to say about you, but apparently one of your ex-wives (also former mistress you cheated on 1st wife with... Phew!)  does and so, she'll be on tonight just in time for the latest circular firing squad known as "another republican debate" on CNN.  One word of advise to  you is to understand what "family values" means within the context of the 99% and adjust accordingly.  However, I feel that ship has sailed in your case.

Romney - We know you have "Daddy issues" and there is no way on Earth we are qualified to help you.  Let alone consider electing you.  Please use some of the Cayman Islands money you have stolen from the hard-working people of the United States and get some professional help.  It may be too late for you, but you may be able to not pass your baggage on to your sons.

Ron Paul - We all know you are a racist and a hypocrite and the "kids" supporting you at college campuses are not going to remain "kids" for ever.  They will eventually leave the free-spirited campus lifestyle and become productive members of society in real-world circumstances.  They will realize how short-sighted and nonsensical most of your diatribe is, because it does not translate well to reality. By the way, they will not be transferring their support to Aqua Buddha.

Santorum - No woman in her right mind would vote for you. Child protective services should have come to your house and remove your little ones before you traumatized them with a dead fetus.  Just because the "fetus in the jar" Bush family did it, does not give you the license to do the same.  Also, we want to know what hospital and doctor allows anyone to bring home a dead fetus/human - whatever, for cuddling purposes.

Rick Perry - Bhu-bhy Bubba.  May you find Texas is wide awake and ready for a new, more effective governor.

Pawlenty, Cain, and Bachmann: *see Rick Perry above and adjust accordingly*.

CNN - Let them be themselves.  No need to moderate anything. Self-destruction is done best without direction.



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Jack DeTate said...

Of course, I agree with everything you say here. Additionally, you put it so well. Clarity, continuity and context.. who could ask for more.