Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Assault on Women's Rights

By now you know that  Susan G. Komen has 'succumbed' to pressure to stop funding Planned Parenthood.  What you may not know is that some of the players in this horrific attack against women health are political tools.  This  post by Karoli on Crooks and Liars will take you deeper into this factor.  It is important to know who works for these organizations, who calls the shots and what masters they serve.

Susan G. Komen is not the only organization against Planned Parenthood, there are catholic, evangelical and other religious factions whose message boards are rabid over anything pertaining to Planned Parenthood.  They cloak their words with scripture specifically chosen to perpetuate the stereotypical role of women.

Supremacists groups are against Planned Parenthood because their women are not reproducing faster than their minority counterparts.  Of course, they are also in a rage over the fact that some white women choose to marry minorities instead of buying their nonsense.  Women have become 'uppity' and must be stopped.

Both these groups and their subsidiaries are against planned parenthood for different reasons, but they all agree that a place that dedicates their time and energy on women's health is just not acceptable in our society because they can't control it.  Whatever can't be controlled, must be destroyed.

More Discrimination

Voter disenfranchisement across the country specifically targets minorities,women,  the elderly and young people.  This is the perfect recipe for a revival of slavery.  First it was ACORN, now is planned parenthood.

What rights will they want to take away tomorrow? - They are not done with us yet.  The "good old days" of women doing a man's bidding, dependent on his income and being cast away when they no longer suit their needs is not a past we need to revisit in modern times.

We left those days behind for a reason.  They don't work for us and they don't benefit society.

Subjugation through disenfranchisement ensures generations of powerless servants - Much like child labor proudly sponsored by Newt Gingrich - Denying poor and low-income women the right to make their own health choices puts them at risk and in a position of beggars.

Undermining education serves the same role.  Planned Parenthood provides health education and serves as a connection to other support systems that many women need.  From abuse to child hunger to screening and low-cost preventive services.  What a bunch of evil doers, right?

Abortion - No one likes the idea, but it is part and parcel of a woman's health.  It is also her right based on health issues and life circumstances and she does not owe anyone an explanation.  Her rights, her privacyThe opinion of total strangers is not welcome. 

FYI: 3% of Planned Parenthood services account for this area.  Contraception accounts for 35% and the rest of the time they are educating clients and conducting cancer screenings.  Bastards!

Destroying what Planned Parenthood does for low-income, poor women and women with inadequate insurance coverage is designed to humiliate women into begging for crumbs from  self-proclaimed 'moral overlords'

Let it be known now and for ever that women have not been put on this planet to satisfy the overblown egos of radical extremists and politicians.

Men by Our Side

We are grateful for the Intelligent men who understand that attacks on women's rights are not only inhuman but affects them directly in terms of quality of life, care and financial resources.

Our men don't want their wives, sisters, mothers, and grandmothers discriminated against, nor do they want their daughters trapped into a life they don't want.

As parents  there is no way in hell we are going to leave this topic alone.  Just like our daughters's right to vote does not end with our generation, their right to their own bodies and health care choices must continue to be their own.

A total stranger with political ambitions and a warped religious ideology will never be allowed to intrude into their private lives.  Our daughters are off-limits. Period. 

What Can We Do?

Stop supporting the middle man and donate money directly to the causes you support.  You will never be at the mercy of a clearinghouse or middle man who can take up to 80% of your donation and calls it administrative fees.

Susan G. Komen claims they use up to 15% of their funds for administrative expenses.  Do you want your money to support a key fundraiser for Mitt Romney? (see the link at the beginning of the article to Crooks and liars for more information) - If not, you can donate directly here to Planned Parenthood.

Feel free to donate directly to any cause you support and avoid the middle man. The middle man needs you more than you'll ever need them.

Donate locally.
Donate directly.
Check their expense reports. Question how much of their received funding goes to their intended purposes and how much their managers and V.P.'s get paid.

Support organizations that support charities you believe in.
Check out CREDO and see what they support.  You may be pleasantly surprised.

We fight against discrimination and subjugation so we can have PEACE of mind for generations to come

Of interest:
MoveOn.org: Do you Know What Planned Parenthood Does?
Charity Watch - American Institute of Philanthropy

Charity Navigator in case you are wondering how charities are rated.  Read the comments from real people and get deep into the financial breakdowns.    

From Health.com: *Susan G. Komen*
Where the money goes: It's spent on education, fund-raising, treatment, and screening, as well as research, which the organization says comprised 28% of total spending for 2006–2007. Administrative costs accounted for 8% of spending. Overall, the organization says that 85% of spending in 2006–2007 went to program activities. In 2007, more than $2 million was granted to the American Association for Cancer Research to enhance public understanding of breast cancer prevention research. Funding also supports the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s research to improve the quality of breast cancer care. 
Interesting article from the Huffington post on Susan G. Komen legal expenses and practices.

ColorLines.com: The Tragic Craven Undoing of Susan G. Komen for the Cure's Nobel Mission. Excellent read and sobering statistics on breast cancer by ethnicity.

Check out this article and video From the Women Voters League. Many thanks to The Cucking Stool  for sharing this on social media.

PEACE to you and yours.

Planned Parenthood Supporters image by S. MiRK via Wikimedia Commons


Anonymous said...

You know what's sad about these religious organizations attacking Planned Parenthood is that they get government assistance in some form or other. And now many of them are politically active from the pulpit which is supposed to be against rules for religious organizations. Both the attacks on Planned Parenthood by churches and the anti-Obama letter that was read from Catholic pulpits across the country amount to political activism and supports Republican campaign talking points (amounts to campaigning for Republican party). It may be time for women's health organizations to re-organize with strategic goals and objectives to strengthen sorely needed programs. In addition, Planned Parenthood needs to consider branching out into several stand-alone programs which will make it less of a problem when applying for specific grant funds.

Olivia Emisar said...

I could not agree more. Very good points and would only add that tax exempt status needs to go by way of the dodo bird. Not only because it is ridiculous to make billions of dollars and not pay a dime in taxes, but because it is business like any other.

Blue Trooth said...

"Hot" issues tend to come and go, but this particular issue has grabbed my attention. I have a suspicion that many others, like myself, have looked at all of the pink and wondered what exactly is going on? It's become immersed in our culture to the point of "oh ya, the pink ribbon thing". But it also comes to mind that there's a whole lot of money changing hands here. It really hit me when the NFL was decked out in pink gear. That requires a whole production line shift for a specific "customer". And it's not like the pink equipment didn't have to meet the same stiff requirements as the standard issue. It really blew me away. The bottom line is this "nonprofit" has essentially assumed it's too big to fail, regardless of policy decisions.
Thanks for bringing up the donate directly. We need to get back to basics, in my opinion.

Olivia Emisar said...

You may want to read this real woman's experience with the Susan G. Komen foundation.

She talks about the football thing and yes, everything you suspected is true.