Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh Ricky!

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Rick Santorum is excessively obsessed with other people's sexuality. Perhaps he is still trying to feel comfortable with his current choices and doubling- down on religious dogma to affirm the stance he wants to take - 

98 percent of Catholics use some form of Birth Control, but Rick Santorum never lets facts get in the way of his narrative.

Rick Santorum would ban condoms, the pill and ... the time-honor tradition of the rhythm method used by millions (insert ironic tone and laughter here) of Catholics.

The anti-fornication, anti-abortion, anti-birth control couple:
Good old Rick does not make allowances for an abortion, including those resulting from "an honest rape".  Unless of course, it is for his wife Karen. - Remember her? - Karen Lived in sin for several years, fornicating with the man who delivered her.  This man, old enough to be her father, also performed abortions.  She was, at the time, pro-choice.  Now she is only pro-choice only if it applies to her as a matter of last resort because she "has to consider her other children."

 *** Obviously no other woman in the United States could ever be in that position.... you see, those women are recreational abortionist ***

Rick Santorum only wants women spawning and raising young ones.  He has clearly stated that women are too emotional to serve in the military and do things that are "not in the best interest of the mission."  

- The problem may not be that women are emotional but that men in the army might be distracted by the sight of bodacious women  clad in army boots, fatigues and encased in the stench of several days or weeks of sweat and dirt - Santorum believes that male soldiers will fantasize and waste valuable time fighting temptation, instead of the enemy. (surely that's where the getting "down and dirty" comes from, right Santorum?) 

*** Can we see it now? Heterosexuals, gay and lesbian soldiers turned on by each other's presence in 120 degree heat.  Sexing up like animals in fox holes as grenades and bombs explode over head.  A macabre romantic rendezvous among their dead and dying comrades. What? - Too creepy? - Hey! Santorum seems to know a thing or two about fantasizing (man on dog?) ... who are we to judge? - ***

He also commented that male soldiers may try to save a woman's life out of chivalry.  Let's take a moment and consider the following: this is an insult to all soldiers.  Soldiers risk their lives in combat to ensure the safety of their fellow soldiers regardless of gender.  They are professionals, not grown men and women suffering from stunted growth living vicariously through internet porn.  

Crooks & Liars posted an article on Rick Santorum doubling-down on the nonsense that abortions cause breast cancer.  Liar, liar, Santorum's pants are on fire.

In the United States, women are under attack but thankfully, they are not fighting alone.  Rick Santorum was right about one thing: Men will defend women.  And that will be the downfall of the GOP and Tea Party dictators.

Let's hope women, when they choose to reproduce will continue to raise level-headed men that want what is best for society and the women they love.  It is a shame that someone would think that by virtue of gender, they know more, or better, than the people who are directly affected.

Viagra anyone? Condoms? Vasectomies? ... Child support? - Just saying!

PEACE ~ Olivia

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I believe you may have, in fact, said it all! Thanks!

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