Friday, September 17, 2010


We have all heard about Stephen Colbert and John Stewart's dueling rallies on 10.30.10 in Washington DC.  Colbert's march is dubbed "To Keep Fear Alive" and Stewart's rally is "To Restore Sanity".  Both are going to be a lot of fun and provide much needed comedy relief for a few hours.

However, there is a more serious event scheduled to take place on 10.02.10 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  It is called ONE NATION and it is meant to show unity among all Americans to move this country forward.  It is a family event meant to honor our working men and women who have been loosing jobs in the millions due to the economic downturn and massive exodus of manufacturing jobs to other countries.

From the event's website:

"The march aims to bring working people, young people, retirees, civil rights activists and many others together on the Mall to show the obstructionists in Congress that we are many and diverse, strong and that united-and we will fight together for the American Dream.

Many of our unions are already committed to work as a part of ONE NATION. The unions of the AFL-CIO proudly join this coalition and pledge to work collectively to add our support to this great effort. "

Those who wish to add their voices to the serious efforts to bring this country together in order to save American jobs, restore unity and move forward in rebuilding our country should attend the ONE NATION march in DC if they are able.

For comedy relief, a second trip to our Nation's Capitol at the end of October is highly recommended.

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