Thursday, September 9, 2010

Personal Stuff

Today was a rough day filled with economic issues and resolutions.  Bad news on the health front of a couple of friends whose spouses are unlikely to recover and the usual "stuff" that percolates into every day life (just like everyone else in the planet).

Writers Block... or simmering...

A character is having a difficult time adjusting to paranormal experience and accepting the role that must be played.  Simmering on this front, we have moved on to the other characters who are more fascinated than horrified.  One wonders how a real person would react to realizing that there is no escape from discovering facts they could never reveal to another soul.  ... simmering....

USA News that I found disturbing:

Some guy who was kicked out of Germany set up shop in Florida and decided to use 9/11 to burn a holy book.  The media goes nuts. The General explains why this is a bad idea and would harm the troops. The talk radio can't stop talking.  Some spew hatred and venom while others worry about the safety of Christian Missionaries overseas.  Guy receives a sign from his God and packs up his bags to visit New York on 9/11.  Burning averted.  Everyone goes nuts.

My thoughts:  One man can incite violence and hatred around the world, but millions of people can't foster love and acceptance? 

This is disturbing at some many levels that even as a writer I find it difficult to find the correct words to express a multitude of feelings that range from surprise, to rage, to exhaustion.

Perhaps comic relief is the way to go on days such as this.  Anyone watch John Steward? The skit on Supreme Court Justices from Rhode Island was pretty funny.

Have a great night and more than ever, I wish you PEACE-Olivia

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