Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flip Flop? Fizz Fizz!

Hello! How are you today? Hopefully, you are in a serene island seeping a cool beverage and tossing your worries into the ocean breeze.

If you are like most politically engaged Americans you are home watching the political circus and wondering when someone is going to start screaming: "the emperor has no clothes on."

If you are John McCain you will rail against the hobbits of the Tea Party.  Actually, this is pretty funny, and the fact that lunatic Sharron Angle felt compelled to reply and did not waste any time to equate the tea party as the heroes who save the day is funnier still, since they are the ones destroying the country's economy and civil rights across the Nation.

"The Lord Of The Rings"  is getting a lot of mileage in this political silly season as well as hypocrisy and what Democrats have always been accused of: "Flip-Flopping" - no doubt, it will all fizzle away soon, but one can't help wonder how many ulcers is all this uncertainty and anxiety causing the population. 

Flip-Flop: Here is a video of McCain embracing and stomping in Las Vegas for Sharron Angle. 

And in the one below, he is trashing Sharron Angle and O'Donnell.  Of course, he did not mention his vice-presidential running mate, who belongs in the same category and is cut from the same cloth. - Has anyone "thanked" him for that yet?

 Your Comedy Break - Jon Stewart


BlueTrooth said...

Just another day in Paradise. Republican overreach is legendary, but the Tea Party delusions of grandeur are of epic proportions. Early on, right after the elections, I was emailing Boehner a simple warning that the Tea Party are not a faction of the R's, they are an infiltration. I understand the focus of many on the social conservatives that have been reawakened, but at the very core of the Tea Party is Libertarianism. The social conservatives have no problem adopting the fiscal policies of Libertarians, as long as they remain allied with their social agenda. It's not hard to do, considering that an easy way to support social agendas is to defund social government agencies and programs, right? Anyway, what I find most interesting is that the MSM pundits completely ignore that there is a third party at play here. And that third party is hell-bent on a conquest of the Republican Party. We aren't witnessing John Boehner's poor leadership, he's literally under attack from within.
And before you think the Republicans will implode, be aware that there is a similar battle looming for the Democratic Party. You may notice "Civil Libertarians" more and more involved in the Democratic Party. The fundamental belief in "limited government" is not so different, although they will certainly assure you they aren't "crazy" or extreme. Just like the Tea Party told the Republicans, at first.

Olivia Emisar said...

Your comment, as usual, is insightful and in contrast to conspiracy theory blogs and lunatic sites, we can safely say that most of what you have stated has developed right in front of our eyes.

I don't trust "civil libertarians" they all come from the same Rand & Ron Paul crazy farm. Last night I read how the tea party had to win and were desperate to do so, since they knew their time was limited to these two years.

The newspaper article was written by a libertarian who did not veil the need to take other measures if this did not work.

Libertarians, militias and racists are all attending the same party and drinking the same tea.

As always, a pleasure to read your comments. In fact, it is a bit like Christmas.

Thank you.