Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tripping Out

Many of you are aware that our "vacations" are usually in conjunction with some medical appointment.  We have tried from the beginning to keep our kids lives as "normal" as possible and provide what we can as often as possible.

The reason I mentioned the above is that through years of decline, stabilization, shock, surprise, action, crisis mode and fatigue, we have developed an incredibly warped sense of humor and a great attitude to dealing with life events.  After all, life has not killed us yet, so why fret?

We went to Anthony Chabot Regional park with the intent of spending most days at the beach or at Lake Chabot.  We had it all planned: The picnic food, the night grilling, the long trail walks and the nearby touring.  Yes, plans are made and someone, somewhere... Laughs!

It rained. It rained. It rained... and then... It poured.

In the midst of it all there was a medical appointment for the man of the house and one more day of enjoyment before our return.  That last day was gloriously warm and the day after?  It was scorching! on our way home I longed for the beach I did not get to visit and returned to Northern Nevada where the temperatures strained to pass the three digit mark.

In this family people don't get dissapointed, we get creative.  Hubby fashioned a tarp cover outside the RV and I grilled our dinners as planned.  We took the picnic lunch to the lake on the last day as planned, but we also took another one in the car when it poured and headed to other locations accross the San Francisco Bay.

We watched episodes of "Soap" which the kids have become addicted to and talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company regardless of the weather or the best laid out plans.

On Spring break we went to Santa Cruz Board Walk.  Got to put my toes in the water and sit on the beach for a while while the kids plotted their next ride along the boardwalk.

Lovely light house.  It always makes me think of Nantucket whenever I see one.  Crazy thing is... I have never been to Nantucket.

Water babies should not be landlocked - Thank goodness for Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River in our area.

Check out the beauty of Blue Lake as we trot on the freeway on our way back home at an inch a minute due to construction.  Isn't life grand? You can't do this at the regular 75 miles an hour we normally are accustomed to.

We all got to take it in for a long while =>>>>> A ...very...long... while...


2 pieces of my heart strolling down Santa Cruz Board Walk and planning their next move. (the two young ladies walking away from the camera... of course...)

Walking down to Del Valle Lake in Livermore and Canadian Geese cooling off.

There are life guard stations at Del Valle Lake every 40 feet.  They are fully equipment with life vest just for the asking and lifeguards are on duty continuously at all stations.

Anthony Chabot's Campground

The view from our trailer at Anthony Chabot's Regional State park.

Thank you for visiting with me for a little while.

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Anonymous said...

Just found this. Had no idea you are dealing with something medical in your lives. You seem to have risen to its challenges beautifully. Trip looked like a great time. I'm too busy to breathe right now. Have not been online very much recently. Hope to hear from you soon. Love Liv