Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shame On NV Energy

The short story is that Sierra Pacific was a great company that provided reliable service to customers and treated its employees with dignity and respect.  It was purchased by Florida Power and the profits that should have been invested in Nevada have found their way into the pockets of its executives.  Under its new name, NV Energy is following in the unpleasant path we are seeing around the country: union busting, break retirement contracts and deny health benefits to its employees.

Watch the video below and sign the petition to release an internal report between former Senator Ensign and NV Energy executive Yackira.  Sign the petition to release the records.

This petition should be signed by anyone who wants to know the truth about Senator's Ensign's deep involvement in what appears to be illegal activities conducted on his behalf and/or per his orders by members of his staff.  Letting Senator Ensign slip away into the oblivion of forgotten politicians is a mistake that will continue to repeat itself across the Nation who will continue to enjoy a life of luxury thanks to the back-breaking labor of regular folks.

Below is an excerpt from the open letter sent to the Phillip G. Satre, Chairman of the Board at NV Energy by Shame On NV Energy
As your employees, customers and fellow Nevadans, we are calling on you to release the results of your internal investigation into the hiring of Douglas Hampton, the husband of former Senator John Ensign’s mistress. Mr. Hampton was indicted on charges of violating federal lobbying rules while he was your employee, and as a public utility – our public utility – we ask that you not keep us in the dark and release the full, unedited report.

We know that as CEO of NV Energy, Michael Yackira is the person ultimately responsible for hiring Douglas Hampton. What we don’t know is if Yackira – knowingly or not – violated the law or NV Energy policy in doing so. As the Chairman of the Board of the utility, we are calling on you to be transparent and release any and all findings of your investigation.

The Shame on NV Energy Community
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245 has represented workers at NV Energy since 1945. 
Full text of the letter . Please, sign the petition and support our unions everywhere.

PEACE - Olivia

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BlueTrooth said...

I just finished reading Karoli's piece on Walker closing DMV offices in Democratic Districts in Wisconsin and now I read this. The radical power shift to the wealthy few has it's effects everywhere. But energy, in particular, is a very dangerous place to allow self-serving millionaires and billionaires a solid footing. I'm reminded of the infamous Enron tape describing how "Grandma" will have to pay up or turn out the lights (basically). I realize that it's not a new phenomena to privatize utilities, but it's at the core of this particular abuse of power in NV. I've signed the petition, of course. Not so much to see how the shady deals are going down or to focus on Ensign, but to remind the profiteers that in America we want accountability to make a comeback.