Monday, July 9, 2012

A 99% Response

The Working Poor
To the 1% Lady from a 99% Lady,

Think Progress and other media outlets reported your insightful perceptions about us "low income" people who just "don't get it." You offer as examples the "nail ladies," college students, and babysitters.

It is with a heavy heart as I shake my head that I am forced to reply to the charges you made against us based on our income and lack of education.

Your comments clearly underline that it is you, and those you represent, that are clueless about anything outside of the 1 percent gated bubble. Your commentary clearly displays your lack of education and knowledge about your own country of residence and its people.

The fact that you state that the nail ladies, college students and babysitters don't agree with your perceptions is proof positive that they are well versed in the ins-and-outs of politics and how decisions made at the top affect the vast majority of the population.

They can't agree with your views because they pay the consequences. Capish?

You and your kind seem to be under the impression that you have earned a permanent position as the ruling class by virtue of your inherited trust funds. Thus, you must know what is best.

You don't.

The fact that you have babysitters is not unusual but I beg to make a distinction between what "we," the common folks, call babysitting and what your kind labels so carelessly.

First of all, like in most our communities, my neighbor's teenage daughter was the babysitter for a few other neighbors.  She had taken babysitting classes and was current on her CPR license.  Her babysitting took place on a weekend she did not have homework and only for a few hours, so the parents could go out to dinner to a place that did not involve speaking into a clown's mouth. (I know this reference is lost on you, Google is your friend)

Your babysitting is done by an Au Pair, a young student from another country who works 24/7 at raising the kids you spawned and had no intention on raising yourself. Your kids are trophies to be groomed into their rightful scheming positions of corporate nepotism. See picture at right. ---------->>>>

Your kids grow up to be Mitt Romney and George W. Bush.  It is too bad you don't hang out with other people in your income bracket who do have a clue about the working poor.

- Have someone introduce you to the Kennedy's. Your world of knowledge will expand beyond your wildest dreams. -

Our kids are groomed to be good citizens that have a clue what it takes to earn a dollar and to be generous of their time and income to those less fortunate.

Which brings me to the point of being "less fortunate." What the hell do you think that means? - Do you think anyone below your economic status is "less fortunate" because your frame of reference is in dollars and cents?

To us, the less fortunate live on the streets and suffer mental and health problems. Their houses burn  down and the insurance company your husband manages refuses to make good on the policy.  They suffer a major illness and they are unable to pay for the horrific cost of medical care.  These are the people we think of when we say "less fortunate" and none of it is through fault of their own.

Author: Martin Kihn
Yes, it is yours. Your being clueless about how society works and malfunctions is a huge part of the problem. You actually have the power to effectuate changes that benefit society at large and do not take away anything from your personal life.

The "nail ladies" and all others who make your life easy to live, have names and lives outside of their working hours. They live where the rest of us live and are fully aware of the disparity between your lifestyle and ours. They are more aware and educated that you have given them credit for.

We need to point out the falsehood of your statements. You don't want people to be educated beyond what they are now. It is hard to get "good help" when people know and demand their rights.

We will no longer enable you in your bad behavior. We will make sure we put enough regulations into place to prevent you stealing our natural resources and polluting our country. We even intend to achieve living wages and we know that pisses you off.

Your kind is notoriously cheap when it comes to labor and tips. We, the middle class pay and tip better than you do because we understand what it takes for that waiter to earn his paycheck.

You don't.

Unlike you, we are true Americans. We love our country and see all its faults. We try to fix those and make it better for generations to come.

What have you done for your country lately? (or ever?)

I can't continue to write this letter because I have children to raise, a home to clean, errands to run, and meals to prepare. I know you are puzzled by this but I have no time to explain.

I will leave you with a final thought, we don't envy your wealth - we resent your greed and sense of entitlement.

It is time for you to grow up and live in the real world.

Think Progress

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