Sunday, July 1, 2012

Industrialized Countries are Innovative

We could write about how we need to be creative and innovative, unfortunately, most people think it is nothing more than dreaming aloud.  We once went to the moon as a useless pursuit to beat another country to the race and from that silly endeavor we got technology that has become common place in our every day lives.

We sleep in foam mattresses developed by NASA. We have communication technology developed from space exploration. We have medical equipment and medicine that can trace their origins to someone dreaming aloud and creating something useful. From the intermittent windshield wipers to LED lights.

Perhaps the video below will inspire Americans to dream out-loud again and create something wonderful that will spur others to innovate technology and create jobs.


sandinbrick said...

Thanks Olivia, wouldn't it be great if our country could create jobs instead tearing up we women for social reasons! Instead they should be creating jobs. There's so many people out of jobs, btw I'm on Social Security, if the Republicans put Ryan's plan as law, well that would be just wrong. The young people just don't know what they're losing once that law become law. Well have a good day and the 4th of JUly. thanks. Love you, Sandy

Olivia Emisar said...


Happy 4th of July to you and yes, no one wants "the people" to know better. Is like social security and medicare, by the time they get it, they realize how much better their lives would have been had they never had to worry about medical care and expenses.

All we do is ensure the CEOS live like Gods in Mount Olympus, while the peasants die at their feet.

It is appalling to me that they continue to criticize Canada and France, when the citizens of those countries would never trade their lives for ours. They have money in their pockets and time to spend on what matters: Their families, their passions, their lives.

In the USA we work until we die or when we reach old age have to depend on a very tight income that forces our elderly to choose between eating, medications or heating their homes. It is appalling how poorly we are treated and thought of.

I love you too. Thank you for reading.

PEACE my friend, we will prevail.