Monday, July 16, 2012

Mitt Romney Needs a V.P.

Bush Sr. Endorses Mitt Romney
The flurry of commentary regarding the Vice-Presidential options for the Mitt Romney camp are a lovely distraction from the fact that we have only seen hundreds of pages of  tax returns instead of the massive quantities released to the McCain camp. The then hopeful V.P. candidate did not hesitate to release many years of tax returns.

No one can blame the Romney camp from attempting to run away from negative issues. Unfortunately, Mitt Romney, throughout his bid to become the nominee of the republican party touted his business experience and solidified the name Bain Capital into our collective psyche. It is hard to run away from what he claimed to be his crowning glory and meritorious track record.

The only other major advantage to Willard "Mitt" Romney's illustrious career is his record as the governor of Massachusetts, which he campaigned fiercely on until his work there was scrutinized. He was also proud of his achievement as governor of Massachusetts on the health care issue. A model for the nation and the basis for the unfairly maligned "Obama Care."

It stands to reason that the only two things left to distract the public from further scrutiny on Mr. Romney's record as governor, health care, and Bain Capital is the Utah Olympics and the selection of a running mate for the upcoming presidential election.

No one cares about the Utah Olympics. Sorry to say, but past Olympics retain little of their luster as the years, and new Olympic events take place. Also, The Olympic narrative continues to tie Mitt Romney to his tenure at Bain Capital because he was still receiving a salary from Bain Capital.

The salary portion brings up the inevitable tax avoidance, Cayman islands, offspring's trust funds, Switzerland bank accounts, and the Bermuda triangle of financial records involving a blind trust and whatever else has not been discovered yet.

In essence, this is not a good topic of conversation that will advance Mitt Romney's presidential bid.

That leaves us with the vice-presidential nominee.

Condoleezza Rice and George W. Bush
Condoleezza Rice is still being floated around as a potential candidate despite Sarah Palin decrying her "moderate conservative" leanings. Despite the evangelicals screaming foul, and in spite of  Ms. Rice stating she was not interested.

Ms. Rice has been touted as one of the most likable and intelligent people in the GOP by democratic-leaning media pundits. We can picture them salivating as they dream of this unlikely nomination.

We will reserve our commentary on Ms. Rice's statements and track record during her tenure in George W. Bush's administration and focus squarely on the fact that the GOP has tried, for the past three and a half years, to disassociate itself from the George W. Bush administration.

Having Ms. Rice up front and center will only bring further scrutiny to an administration most people wish had not happened; the events of 9/11 and how it could have been avoided instead of  botched, Osama Bin Ladin, Rudy Giuliani, disturbing photos of Abu Ghraib and a host of other issues that no one in their right mind in the GOP wants to resurrect.

Of course there is always the resurfacing of conspiracy theories that run the gamut; from our own government orchestrating the attacks so Halliburton could profit from the oil fields in Iraq to the weapons manufacturers milking tax payers for actual weapons of mass destruction.

There is also the theory of knowing, and letting, 9/11 happen so a war could be justified. There are tons of links to these accusations but won't find them here. Readers are smart enough to find them throughout the web, or even watch video on You Tube.

Mitt Romney with Jeb Bush - 2012
Jeb Bush is also being floated around as the other half of the ticket that would save Mitt Romney's bid for the White House.

It is claimed that the former Florida governor brings respectability, a proven track record, and strength of character.

There are quite a few holes that need to be plugged in the above paragraph, but before we do that, we need to understand the following:

A) The GOP tapped Jeb Bush to run in 2000, not his brother. He declined. He was happy in Florida.

It is rumored that Jeb Bush's presidential aspirations are for 2016, not 2012. B) The fact that Jeb Bush endorsed Mitt Romney in March, as did his brother, George W., and their father should be more than enough of the "Bush connection" for the public.

Our ability to tolerate the Bush dynasty has diminished greatly over the past few years.

The anti-Bush sentiment grew exponentially after Mitt Romney went to Wyoming to benefit from a fund raiser courtesy of former vice-president, Dick Cheney. Reporters stated that before they were kicked out of the rooms, Mitt Romney was overheard invoking the Bush name.

This may be the main reason why Jeb Bush's name keeps popping up in the media as a likely candidate for the position. However, we must go back to the sentence that needs to be scrutinized:

If Jeb Bush brings, according to the punditry, "respectability, a proven track record as governor of the State of Florida, and strength of character" -  good questions to ponder must be: "Shouldn't the presidential candidate bring those qualities to the table himself?" secondly, "Can the State of Florida and the Supreme Court stand more scrutiny regarding George W. Bush's election fiasco?" and finally, "has anyone looked closely to Jeb Bush and his associations with shady Florida developers and their connections to organized crime?" - We have, and if Jeb Bush ends on the ticket, our readers should too.

So who? who would be the best Vice-Presidential candidate for Mitt Romney?

Palin and Paul
Mitt Romney should align himself with those who dislike him the most. He must force them to vote for him because they will follow the VP and its derangement to the ends of the Earth.

No, not Sarah Palin, like burnt toast, she's done.

We are talking about Ron Paul.

Whoever Romney chooses must bring enthusiasm and votes because Mitt Romney can't manage either one on his own.

What are your thoughts?

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Blue Trooth said...

Ha! That was a great "twist" at the end! I'm not sure Ron Paul would do it, though. Maybe. But the forums indicate some serious "bad blood" between Paul supporters and Romney nose-holders, let alone actual supporters. But who knows? It certainly couldn't hurt him and where else is Mitt going to draw voters from? Fun read! Thanks, Olivia!

sandinbrick said...

I have my thoughts on a VP for Romney. It must not be a woman because Biden is better at talking on men. Just look at his debate with Palin he just has this thing about women. What I mean, respect for woman. I think I would love to see Gov. Christie try to debate Joe, I like to see his fat ass put down. He could explain how he Pro-Life to Joe. Biden could say don't you care that a woman's life is in danger. Or rape or incest.

But wouldn't have been great if Hillary Clinton did win the President 2008, and chose Obama for VP. Then Obama would still young enough to run for President in 2016.

Well that all to say. I don't think Ron Paul would want to on the same ticket as Romney.

Thanks Olivia, too hot to make a donation. I will try on Thursday.

Waves of Love to you my NV friend! logging off Peace

Olivia Emisar said...

Sandy, I think Hillary would make a great president. On the other hand, I think we needed a separation from Bill and the hatred toward him by the GOP. Hillary would have been thwarted at every turn.

I Hope she will run for office again, but it is up to how she feels about staying on the public eye. I know Bill would love to see her in the Oval Office. Most of us would too.

Don't worry about donations, please, the fact that you read and comment on my blog makes me happy.

Blue trooth, It was fun writing it. I don't know if Paul would, but if he did, Mitt would be forcing them to vote for him and in the end, all he cares about is results.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I love it when you do.

PEACE to all

Teese Powell said...

Those are some interesting choices and points you made. I definitely think there's a combination of Romney needing to divert attention away from his refusal to reveal his full tax returns and scramble to solidify some valid platform he is actually running on, besides, Obama is a "failure". I hope your right and the VP's I had thought he was considering Pawlenty, Rubio and Christie aren't in the running. Rubio just might pull some of the Latino vote and Tea Partiers might identify with the crudeness of Christie, which are my worse fear. Rice would be great for Romney but thank God she'll never do it.
You're right, Romney will need someone to bring the enthusiasm & it just appears everyday he digs a whole no one with common sense will be willing to jump into. I hope!! Love the piece!

Olivia Emisar said...

Hi Teese,

At the convention, if these tax returns turn to be problematic, they may put forth a nominee we have had no time to vet properly. An unknown. Mitt Romney may be the sacrificial lamb, the distraction, while other machinations go on behind the curtain.

Either way, this is going to be both ugly and interesting.