Friday, March 2, 2012

Send Clear Channel a Clear Message

Here is the petition:

Across the Nation everyone has heard about Rush Limbaugh because your corporation ONLY carries right-wing talk shows in most major markets. Rural areas have never heard of Randi Rhodes, Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman or Ed Schultz.
We have a right to hear more than the slanted and vile rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh and others like him. We request that the aforementioned shows, and others like them, be given equal access to all major markets in comparable time slots.
Rush Limbaugh does not represent the views and feelings of the vast majority of Americans. Our public airwaves need to represent our views and opinions, not be used as a right-wing tool of misinformation and political gain. A boycott of Rush Limbaugh and its advertisers is already in progress. We urge you to do the right thing before the radio goes permanently silent on our end.
Thank you.
petition @ClearChannel to Free our PUBLIC airwaves - Liberal Talk Shows Demanded - Please click link to sign

You can also let the FCC know what you think.  Remember, these are OUR airwaves!
Rush Limbaugh owns his own show. He is his own boss. Clear Channel can stop carrying him but they NEED to carry other points of views and balance the diatribe on the airwaves.

In my town, we have ONE radio station that carries Randi Rhodes and others, but traveling out of my area and into other states, there is only one type of talk radio carried by the monopoly that is Clear Channel: Conservative and Evangelical.

Clear Channel has swallowed up most independent radio stations.  The choice of programming is up to them.  It is time we take control of the public airwaves since Clear Channel is only renting them.

If you prefer to contact them directly, here is Clear Channel information:

How to Contact Clear Channel

  • 200 East Basse Road
    San Antonio, TX 78209
Communications / Media Relations:
Investor Relations:
  • (210) 822-2828

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