Monday, March 26, 2012

Racism Must be Killed

Our hearts has been aching for days over the senseless death of Trayvon Martin.  A 17 year-old youngster whose crime was to be black and  to wear a hoodie as he walked home in a gated community.  It seems irrelevant to those reporting that the young man had every right to be in the area and the murdering thug had no business carrying a gun or being part of a neighborhood watch.

The attacks of the right wing posters on a Fox media blog are enough to turn our stomachs but it also gives us a glimpse of what we are dealing with in terms of racism, fear, hatred and delusions foisted on society by a corporate media that is hell-bent on keeping their audience at any cost.

The commentators are blaming the victim, the way he dressed and perpetuating stereotypes while denying race-baiting.  A black kid CAN'T be a normal kid. He must be discredited in death by digging into anything that will cast a bad light into his character and take away focus from the fact that he was unarmed and murdered like dog in the streets.

He was 17 years old and had a loving family who's hearts are broken.  But it is not about race, is it? No, not at all, but if Trayvon had a been a white kid, would the story be different? Would they bring up a school suspension over an empty bag of weed? a stupid garment?

Could the media be right? Maybe it is not about race at all,  but about, "It is all about the money, stupid!" and if a kid has to die, it is just collateral damage well worth the price of admission.  Maybe for the media is not about black or white but about the green that keeps rolling in and keeping the audience entrenched in their beliefs.

How many times have we watched the news about some brutal crime or a police shooting and fervently said in our heads "Please don't be Black" or "Please don't be Hispanic" - This may seem a strange line of thought for some but it is a knee jerk reaction based on being bombarded with stereotypes for generations.  How many Black and Hispanic parents tell their children to not run because they look suspicious? and how many white parents tell their children to "run fast and get to a safe place?"

We can't continue to have different sets of rules for our children.  If threatened, they should be able to run and get to a safe place regardless of their race or ethnic background. Regardless of what they wear.

Racism has to die.  Period.  For those who say this is not a race issue, please take notice how quickly the Jewish community disavowed themselves from the name Zimmerman and how quickly white folks spouted the guy was Hispanic, not white.

Being white does not make anyone a racist.  Being a racist makes you a racist. Perpetuating stereotypes makes you an accomplice and a racist.  No one with a conscience would be able to do what Heraldo Rivera did.

We are sick of this. We are sick of our children dying because they are black or Hispanic. We are sick to our hearts that Trayvon Martin won't live in a world where he can live out his dreams and pursue his right to happiness.  We are sick of living in a world dominated by a media that lies, distorts and encourages unacceptable mind sets.

We are sick and tired of television shows that depict minorities as less than human.

Racism is alive and well because it is profitable.  The death of our children seems to be a minor issue that serves to cement stereotypes in the mind of those whose level of comfort can't be disturbed by the facts.

Edit:  While CNN reported this, on further research, it seems that the notion that Zimmerman's father is a former judge came from an application Zimmerman filled in to validate his connection to the legal system.  Take the statement below with a grain of salt.  CNN may have jumped the gun by simply quoting from the newspaper without really vouching for the information.
Via CNN"The portrayal of George Zimmerman in the media, as well as the series of events that led to the tragic shooting, are false and extremely misleading," his father, a retired magistrate judge, wrote in a letter published in the Orlando Sentinel. "Unfortunately, some individuals and organizations have used this tragedy to further their own causes and agendas."

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Anonymous said...

1. There are hundreds of murders everyday. Sooner or later one color is going to kill another because the odds of it happening are high. 2. We elected a black President. Move on.

Olivia Emisar said...

I only published your comment so people can see what you are.

"We elected a black President?" Yes, I know I did.

Move on? - Not in your wildest dreams.

Kicha said...


You gave Anon the best line. By publishing his/her comment you leave it up to the readers to 'see' what they are. Its all out there, plain and simple like Anon's brain. There is a published article about how
racists are basically dummies. Unaccomplished idiots and Anon proves it.

So lets see ... 1st black President means what? No more racism? Racists came out of their cubby holes when President Obama was elected. Groups trying their best to paint him as 'other' instead of coming out and saying what they really think. No black man other than a servant should be in the White House. This country is solely for the white man.

I get pleasure in knowing asses like Anon must wake up to the fact that the Commander in Chief is a black man.

Pam said...

Hello, I'm happy Taylor-Hahn shared this link from Twitter. This article is well written. This part: "Being white does not make anyone a racist. Being a racist makes you a racist. Perpetuating stereotypes makes you an accomplice and a racist." Made me want to comment.
It is my intuition that has guided me with this feeling I can't shake: Zimmerman USED his knowledge about racism to aid his violent crime. Hear me out. This is what I believe: Zimmerman went out with a GUN fully aware, premeditating KILLING SOMEONE, perhaps ANYONE (we know he has had a violent history). When he spotted Trayvon HE KNEW that by targeting someone BLACK the police wouldn't question his motive further---which makes ZIMMERMAN the lowest piece of scum HE actually USED his knowledge of RACISM and PROFILING by POLICE to aid his URGE to KILL. To me he was fully aware of community police and how they operated, cunning in his plan, and even more evil than any other killer. Although he may "LOVE black ppl, have black friends" he used the feelings and what he know exits combined with the right to kill/stand your ground and existing racism to help him slink away from the crime scene without (he thought) a problem in the world. FOR THIS REASON I know this is a HATEFUL/HATE crime because it was demonic in its psychological details. Yup, that's my theory.
So, knowing this is deeply embedded in psych how can it ever be eradicated? Just like WWII stopped the actions of Hitler from killing even more Jews and the Civil War stopped act of slavery, the anti-semites and racism still lives in peoples minds. How do we eradicate that in EVERY SINGLE heart?

CB said...

Yes, I agree with Kicha... smart move to publish "anonymous'" comment. That's what we're dealing with.
I hear a lot of people who want to believe that this is not about race. God forbid if we try to talk about it. That makes us race-baiters? Really? Does that mean we can't have a dialog?
I campaigned for Obama in 2008. I came in thinking that racism was something relegated to a handful of old white guys. I learned something different and disturbing.
My husband and I were spit on, called "traitors to our race", N**r lovers, and worse. While celebrating our win, someone tried to torch our car. Yes, racism is alive.
To my Black friends, don't lose heart. Racism is really much rarer than you think. Most of us are on your side. We really are. We want our children to live MLK's dream as much as you. Many of us live in a mixed race family. Some of us know the sting of anti-semitism, sexism, or homophobia. We may be white, but that doesn't mean we can't empathize.
Things are not going to change until we admit that the problem still exists. This is not race-baiting, it's simply not being naive.

Brian McCabe said...

Wonderful piece on Trayvon Martin. Sadly, I have come to believe that racism and the human condition cannot be separated. Imagine...
if President Obama, wearing a hoodie, had followed Trayvon Martin’s path, he might well have taken a bullet in the chest from George Zimmerman’s gun. He, too, would have been an outsider in Zimmerman’s sick and distorted mind…an “uppity Negro” who was where he should not have been. (more:

I invite you to visit my blog called Liberaloutpost. I confess to ranting from time to time.

Olivia Emisar said...

Brian, is your blog on blogspot? put a direct link here so others can read as well.

CB, I understand. We could not keep an Obama yard side to save our lives. Bumper stickers get our car vandalized and yet, palin and ron paul stickers are perfectly fine. They are like bully children.

Pam, I found out last night that Zimmerman's father is a retired magistrate judge, which explains a lot about this 'police investigation' and absence of an arrest. All I can say is that for those who rail against federal intervention, they may have to re-think their ideology and be glad for the checks and balances.

A final comment - on my twitter feed someone was saying that it did not matter if the guy had said Goon or Coon. It does. If he said a racial slur before he shot Trayvon Martin that makes it a hate crime and subject to Federal Court, not local courts. Bet Judge Zimmerman is trying to avoid this at all costs.

Via CNN:

Ann Wallace said...

This article is a fair, gentle, honest voice on horrifying violent reality of USA racism.
Individual racist like Zimmerman obviously was, are awful & dangerous.
The institutional racism exemplified by response of Sanford police & Florida authorities is Bold Stark Obvious and no amount of GOP faux outrage that we "make this about race" can deny or distort how Racist USA still is.
Son is studying US History-"White people are the scariest people-what they are capable of is terrifying-from Slavery, to the Racism they legislated after Civil War--then it took decades & the Civil Rights Movement to stop it-
And now we still have racism in America, in schools & prisons...
USA is most hypocritical, hardest & slowest to change nation--and white people are never sorry--a group of white people always fight changing to a society that is good to all of us, to every citizen..."

All this honest anger & anguish poured out of my 17 year old son before Trayvon was murdered.

Now I hope adults can examine US Racist history & Institutional Racism of 2012 as thoughtfully as my son- just a young person with pure heart & clear mind--a mind not numbed by or loyal to any Status Quo--our country is not to be an Idol.

We need to stop Denial and deal with our Racism with open, honest hearts and clear minds--we have nothing to Fear from 'Loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.'

Children don't tolerate each other--children Embrace each others, are glad to share life--simply glad to be together to learn or play,

We need to begin to be as good as our children.

Olivia Emisar said...

Dear Ann,

My mother's heart is embracing yours fully. What a touching and honest response.

My daughter turned 17 on Saturday. I could not stop thinking about Trayvon. I feel your heart.

Blessings are our children. May they change the world as we help them shape it.

PEACE - Olivia