Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Do People Hate President Obama?

This is a loaded question I have been asked more times than I care to remember.  We usually assumed that with all the media hoopla and pundits flaming the fire, the sheer volume of haters overwhelms the handful of people who look at President Obama as someone worthy of respect and appreciation.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  More people support President Obama than not.  Let us examine a few key points and address the nature of the 'haters' and what constitutes the basis of hate.  Also, let's examine the voices we relentlessly hear on radio and television and their motivations to fan the flames of hatred.

The Haters

In my opinion, they are ignorant. Period. There is no other reason for them to carry such a flaming hatred of such a good President.  These people information comes from the pundits that stoke the flames of hatred.  Their entire discourse is composed primarily of bumper sticker slogans that have been hurled at them while they are held captive in their morning and afternoon commutes.

They are relentlessly pelted with nuggets of truth surrounded by spin and lies while they drive goods in our interstate highways.  They are told that everything that is wrong in their lives is the fault of the government and the government is represented by that 'off-color-Kenyan-liberal-Marxist-socialist-communist-elitist-food stamp President.'

The fact that a socialist can't be an elitist or that an elitist can't be for food stamps, or that an American president would have not been elected to office if he had been born in another country, never enters their minds.  The facts don't matter to these kinds of people. 

Facts are terrifying.  It means they would have to change the way they think and analyze irrational feelings and fears.  This is a key component of their personality; They can never be wrong and their feelings represent the cleverly constructed lies they have been bombarded with over their lifetime.

The haters refuse to ask themselves logical questions, like; What has a republican government ever done for me? and yet, when we point out to the changes made by democratic governors and presidents, the ones that impact their lives in a positive and direct manner, their eyes glaze over and their brains shut down. They get defensive, not rational. They must protect their turf because looking at their fears makes them feel like cowards.  They are.

Only a coward would look at this list and pretend he/she has not benefited from it. 

Unionized labor- 40 hr. work week, paid vacations, health insurance, Family leave, abolishing child labor, equal pay for equal work, legal representation, highways, bridges, Food and Drug safety, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment Insurance, Public education and a host of other things we take for granted.  Republicans did not do accomplish these things, in fact, they fought against them.

For all the 'lack of spine' rhetoric hurled at Democrats, we are the only ones fighting to keep these social foundations that benefit all of us in place.  The cowards will rather fight against our own collective interest than stand together and fight for what is right for all of us.  For the haters, this is too much of a socialist activity and it is viewed with suspicion.  A plot, a way to infiltrate their carefully guarded compounds. A conspiracy of the hated Left.

The haters are the fools who easily part with their money to protect themselves from irrational fears and non-existent threats.

They spend their money on the NRA, Military rations, guns, ammunition, bunkers, survivalist equipment and spend weekends training themselves in preparation for the apocalypse and those hordes of people who will want their bottles of water. In the meantime, the rest of us go camping and to the beach. They hate that.

Here is a partial list of what President Obama has accomplished in three years with an obstructionist Congress - The question to ask of the haters is: What has a republican governor, congressman, senator or president done for anyone in that period of time? or ever? - The most clever answer the haters can come up with is: "It is not good enough" - We can't fully blame them, the political pundits rule their emotions.

The Political Pundits

They know who these haters are.  They know how they feel, and most importantly, they know what they fear.  They have convinced the haters that they must be armed to the gills because at some point, the 'others' will become violent and exact retribution from having been enslaved, unlawfully arrested and imprisoned. 

Unfortunately to their way of feeling, The Others don't rush to arms to give them exactly what they want. They rush to the law, to the voting booths, to a government that must represent all, not just the haters.  They become educated and they vote for those who will represent our diverse country.  This is frightening to the haters and enraging to their controlled media. 

For example, Rush Limbaugh has attacked President Obama relentlessly.  He has used racist rhetoric that comforts his audience.  The fact is that in many areas in this country, his is the only voice.  The captives can't change the Clear Channel station, owned by Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, to get a different perspective.  There isn't one.  So the haters are justified in their hatred because the radio tells them their version of the truth and Fox 'news'  continues graphically where their radio left off. 

It is a great plan.  It has been successful and has accomplished much to keep a nation divided. 

Hate can be one of the most useful tools to propel people to act without thinking.  It is a primal instinct that forces people to follow a leader that will make everything go 'back to normal' - whatever that means, since such ambiguous language lacks concrete meaning.

The powerful corporatists are outraged they can't control the internet. They ask A.L.E.C. to design laws that will allow them to do so. They can't control women, as President Obama said "Women are not one-issue voters" - So they design laws to control women and their health care.  

They design laws to prevent people from voting. They are trying everything that is underhanded hoping to put the breaks on progress. The rest of the country is pushing back. Information flows on the darn internet and we are coming to the realization that there are fewer haters than we thought.

Q. "Why do they hate President Obama?" 
A. "Because the haters are ignorant cowards."

We got President Obama's Back.  He has ours.

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Blue Trooth said...

It's almost cliche' to suggest Fox News is at the heart of the matter. But there's no denying that Fox, and yes I've resigned myself to periodically monitoring the Hate Channel, has moved beyond "leaning right" and partisan commentary into the very real, and very big industry of selling fear. A fear so deep it incites a literal hatred that we witness in our social media on a minute-by-minute basis. Rush Limbaugh opened the doors for Fox to drop any pretense of integrity by establishing "success" in selling fear and a narrative absent of facts and heavy in opinion. Our mission is to apply market forces that reestablish the value of truth in Talk Radio and influence Fox in the process. Join!

Olivia Emisar said...

You are better than I am. I can't watch the 'hate channel' - I get enough clips on the liberal media to make my blood boil. Of course, traveling through Arizona several times has made me an advocate of CD's in the car & banned the radio completely. It is horrible in some places in my state, only Reno has 1 radio station with liberal 'bias' - Vegas has none (even though they are so close to LA) and in rural areas? foggetaboutit! Rush & his ilk. Ugh!