Thursday, March 22, 2012

Woman to Woman

The war on women's reproductive rights is enough to make the most uninformed among us to sit up straight and take notice that something is horribly wrong with the men who see themselves "in charge" of leading the Nation - For some strange reason, they want to take our society to a time when women had no property rights, no right to vote, no right to an opinion and most of all, no right to live their lives as they saw fit.

This upcoming election reeks of desperation on the part of the right wing zealots.  We have seen the desperate moves to pass laws that will create indenture servitude and gratitude for having a measly paying job.  We have seen them attempt to destroy the Unions that made it possible for there to be a middle class in this great country of ours.  We have seen their racial hatred and rhetoric all over the internet and on television.  Now, they want women to bear children even if they were raped or if they could die from complications.  They want us under their boots in a submissive position with our mouths shut.

Perhaps we all know a woman who thinks this is her lot in life.  A woman that is happy to leave the decision making process to elected officials because she has been taught to believe that they know better and are, in fact, better.  But most of us don't think or feel this way and we have a few choices available to us.  At least for now, because if we don't do what we need to do, we will be joining that woman, and others like her in total silence and abject submission.

Vote - Vote for a President that respects women and their choices.  Vote for a senator or congresswoman that reflects and defends our ideals.  Vote for judges and governors that will fight for our rights and will help their states move into the 21st Century - alongside the rest of the industrialized world.

Do not allow anyone to get a stranglehold of our public educational system.  Do not trust anyone who insists the government is bad and everything must be privatized.  Do not trust anyone who hates the government to get a government position.  Most of all, do not allow anyone to degrade our womanhood and our standing in society.  We are better than this, we deserve better than this.

The state of Alaska has very few women.  Perhaps it is the cold climate. Perhaps it is the persistent abuse, rape and murders inflicted on women, but the fact remains that women don't migrate to Alaska and there is no better birth control solution than a lack of willing participants.

Migrant workers left Alabama in droves. Alabama is realizing how damaging their degrading attitudes toward other human beings is to their economy.

If your state is treating you like dirt and you fail to make a dent in the political discourse: MOVE and go where you are wanted. Take other women with you. Help them out. Let the men in charge figure out how to keep warm at night without you. Let them see your contribution to society by your mere absence.

You think moving is hard? Try staying! - your daughters deserve a better future and your sons deserve better women.

No one has to put up with an abusive relationship and it is criminal to pass that legacy to the next generation.  Find your strength and vote against it. Find your strength and move to a state that respects you as an equal partner.  If migrant workers can do it with holes in their pockets and nothing more than a dream of a better life, so can we.

From one woman to another: Change is hard, but we have molded and shaped our lives countless of times to suit the circumstances.  Being doormats and second class citizens is not something we deserve, nor should we have to put up with again.  Many came before us so we could have these types of conversations in the open.  If we allow the laws to take effect, we are spitting on the graves of men and women who gave their lives so we could live ours.

Think about it.

~ Olivia

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