Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taming the Beast

It has become obvious that there are two types of people in this country and one group looks like inmates from an insane asylum roaming the common areas of our Nation.  We have watched those on the Left side of the political arena attempt to reason with those who are entrenched on the Conservative side of the political Right. 

Over the past few years, we have seen truth and facts surface like a BP oil spill on pristine waters. We have seen the Pie charts and Bikini charts. We have seen the Non-partisan agency's reports and the physical demonstrations that have Occupied Wall Street.  This is proof that goes beyond a reasonable doubt that the failed policies of the Right have damaged the country, our infra-structure, our economy and our personal lives.  

A reasonable individual, regardless of their political leanings is quite capable of reading, analyzing the data and be willing to shift their positions on issues based on facts and truth.  The mistake the Left-leaning folks have been making is assuming that everyone's brain operates in the same manner.  It does not. 
On a daily basis we see left-leaning folks patiently sending information to those who attack them with insults just for being left-leaning.  We see them debunk conspiracy theories patiently and with facts.  It is all to no avail.

The right-leaning folks do not operate in the same manner as those on the left.  They never have, and the mental defectives continue to believe in falsehoods because the corporatist media feeds their weaknesses. As long as the media keeps feeding the beast, the insanity will not end.

In the past few months we have witnessed a push-back from the Left to set straight the lunacy that has permeated the political discourse.  The left has taken on Rush Limbaugh by denouncing the hate language he feeds to the non-thinking masses and hitting the corporations where it hurts: The pocketbook.

The left is always willing to learn.  Perhaps the Bush years were actually beneficial in that regard?  Perhaps we see Mitt Romney and realize that this election and the next is for all the marbles or we are doomed to be governed by people who have lost theirs.

Those on the right wing side of the political spectrum have no idea who the Koch brothers are and how they fund ALEC and how ALEC impacts every aspect of their lives.  They don't understand what the Heritage Foundation is and who owns it, or the CATO institute, or the myriad of tentacles attached to the same central body.

They don't care.  It is too complex to understand and it would require to patiently sit and analyze the information.  It is not possible to have an intelligent discussion or exchange of ideas with people who have knee jerk reactions and violent emotions based on irrational fear and ignorance.

The left-leaning folks may want to continue to utilize their time and energy into result-oriented efforts that will transform how we receive our news by promoting the election of Congressmen/women who will make it illegal to lie on television and have a media monopoly.

The airwaves are rental property and we, the people, are the landlord. When we fix this pesky issue, the right-wing people will hear a very different message and, at that time, they will have the option to re-evaluate their ideology or continue ranting like lunatics about lies they want to firmly believe in.  The main thing is that the rest of us won't have to be subjected to the rantings of emotionally disturbed individuals who are afraid of everything and everyone because their mouth-pieces will be forbidden by law to feed the emotional black hole that begs for red meat.

That which is fed, will continue to grow.  That which is not, will wither and die. For everything else, we need heavy regulations that no future GOP candidate can dismantle.

We need a Super majority in Congress and the Senate.  These individuals need to be progressive and liberal. The days of middle-ground negotiations are over. We can't afford to continue feeding the beast, it must be tamed.

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CJ_Politics said...

I would quibble with you about the left being willing to analyze things. There are a large number of folks on the 'left' that are every bit as bad as the right. Maybe worse, since they attack their own. (emoprog ring a bell?)

That said, you are absolutely correct that there is no reasoning with those who will not take a cold, hard look at the facts.

Yet congress persists on this 'bipartisan' approach. Now why is that?

I can only guess why things are the way they are, but yes.... a super majority is in order. Trouble is, there are a boatload of 'Democrats' who are anything but. So... even with a 'Super Majority' - you don't have a thing since there are snakes in the grass.

It's all rigged at this point. It's about money and little else. The people elected to 'represent' us - do anything but. They are victims to their own greed, foolishness, and yes - humanity.

We are headed for civil war and those on the right are going to make sure it happens. Listen to the rhetoric.

Such a sad state of affairs, but if that's what they want? We'll just have to hand them their ignorant butts on a platter once again.

History repeats itself.

I hope *this time* we are smart enough to make dang sure they understand the meaning of 'right' and 'wrong'. Else our great grandchildren will just go through it all again.

....assuming there is anyone left at that point.

Olivia Emisar said...

I think that Congress has very few options now, other than try to show that they are willing to compromise. If we are able to get a majority that cannot be filibustered.

We have a lot of catching up to do. I hope, really hope, we elect the right people at every level.

Thanks for your comment.


Anonymous said...

It's 43 years after the Moon landing and double-entry accounting is 700 years old. I haven't heard the left talking about the planned obsolescence of automobiles and suggesting that accounting be mandatory in our schools.

How about something simple like a National Recommended Reading List? How much would that cost compared to school reform?

The Tyranny of Words (1938) by Stuart Chase