Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Fallen and The Living

Life is hard, but war is hell. Memorial Day should be a reminder of what many have given up in the service of our country. Whether we agree with the wars fought on foreign soil or not, the fact remains that life was snuffed out of the very young, far too soon.

The casualties of war can be seen in Memorial walls and National cemeteries across the Nation. These women, these men had names. They all had a story. The all had families who will mourn them for the rest of their lives, not just on a pre-assigned day of the year.

When we think of honoring our troops, we may want to reconsider how we do this.

Slapping a sticker on the back of our cars is a nice gesture. So is placing flowers in the tomb of an unknown soldier, but if we really want to honor our troops and show our gratitude, perhaps being more proactive about their health care when they return and ensuring that the cost of war does not end when they return home, would be a more tangible solution.

Frankly, spending a weekend at the beach or relaxing at home is not something to be frowned upon. The middle-class will take a long weekend to recharge their batteries whenever they can take it. The real tribute is to ensure we don't forget the remainder of the year the true cost of war.
Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Repealed. We all Serve, we all bleed the same

While we ponder the horrors of war and the toll it takes on the men and women who love them, we'd do well to consider a man who puts his country and people above the pettiness of discrimination and greed.

I'll leave you with the pictures below. There is nothing more to be said.

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