Monday, May 14, 2012

Made in the USA

In the previous article we talked about purchasing American made goods and supporting Unions.  Bookmark this page and when you need to purchase something for yourself or someone else, look here first.

We'll continue to update this page as time permits and with input from our readers. For now, we'll list clothing, vacations, cookware and local ranches and farms.


Due to illness and a bad economy - Justice Clothing is having a clearance on a variety of clothing. See if you can purchase something you need and help them out.

All-American T-Shirt Company (need we say more?)
Union Label - from underwear to outerwear. Made in the USA
New Balance - Not all items are made in the US. Some are assembled here from imported materials.
Eastland - Shoes and materials made in the USA

Americans Working has a long list of items made in the USA.


Disney, Sea World, State Parks, City Parks, Zoos and most baseball parks are staffed with Union workers. Go to Union to see the different Unions staffing our fun locations.

All of our National Parks support the local economies. They are YOUR parks. Enjoy them!

Boycott Hotels - Hotel Workers Rising


Cast Iron made in the USA: LODGE.  - The enamel line is imported.
Regal Ware - They state their cookware is made in the USA
360 Cookware - Made in Wisconsin
CorningWare - Be careful, not all their lines are made in the USA. We have linked to one that is produced here. (ironically, the blue cornflower design is no longer made here. Wish I had kept my dad's set)
All-Clad - Made in Canonsburg PA - Here you have to be selective as well. Not all parts may be made in the USA.
Nordic Ware - Not only do they manufacture in the USA, but their vendors are also American Companies. - thought you'd like to know.
Pyrex - All their glassware is made in the USA. Plastic and metal items are not.

Farming and Ranching:

Anything coming from Hawaii is a great way to support Hawaii's small farms. Hawaii is the only place in the United States that grows coffee.
USA Coffee Company 
Mr. Ed's Bakery - Preserves made in Hawaii from Hawaii's produce.
Kanalani Ohana Organic Farm -  Coffee and Jams. 
Ani's Bakery - I had to include them. I love their Portuguese Sweet Bread! - they ship to the mainland. (pricey! but totally worth it if you want to splurge)

Nick Ranch - California Grass Fed Cattle
Organic Beef Ranches
Alder Springs - Idaho (they grow more than potatoes)
Hearst Ranch -  California (they have more than just the castle)
Eat Wild - California - Many locations to chose from and informative reading. Eat Wild - Texas. Eat Wild - Georgia

An extensive list by the Department of Agriculture of licensed organic growers in Nevada  - Chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables and beef.

If you have a favorite, please leave us a note so we can add it to the list. 

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