Monday, May 14, 2012

Support Our Communities: Create Jobs

Americans have finally woken up and they are not going to take it anymore.  It does not matter how many times the Wall Street Banksters and Mitt Romney state that they are 'Job Creators', Americans are not buying it.

Speaking of not buying it, they are boycotting products that sponsor the demise of the true job creators, American Unions.

Even bargain hunters on popular websites are passing up dirt cheap deals on paper goods because they are produced by Koch Industries.

Americans have seen their wages dwindle and gas prices rise. Americans have seen the extraordinary effort and mind-boggling infuse of cash in gubernatorial elections across the country that promise to get rid of the only bastion of living-wages that helps rise the poor to the middle-class: Unions.

No, Americans are not accepting that the 1% creates jobs because they have not seen any job creation coming from those quarters.  What they have seen is mass exodus of cash plundered from our natural resources into off-shore bank accounts.

Mitt Romney continues to beef up a non-existent resume.  He calls himself a job creator, but has, in fact, destroyed the livelihood of middle-class Americans by dismantling companies and selling the parts to the highest bidder.  He is in fact, a glorified repo-man.

Who We Are:

We, the people, are the job creators. We are the labor, the sweat, and the sacrifice the 1% will never make. Big corporations are running out of people to exploit. They keep moving from one third-world country to another in search of free labor in which to produce goods with American labels.

We, the people, are the buyers of these foreign made goods because the American economy is 70% consumer driven.  These corporations never counted on a rebellion, or understanding that when living wages are scarce, Americans do not spend.

They also did not count on retaliation:  Rush Limbaugh has lost millions of dollars in sponsors.  Koch Industries is feeling the wrath of the people as well; from refusing to purchase what they produce to no longer believing there is such a thing as "clean coal."

What we have done and need to continue doing (suggestions) :

Occupy Wall Street (actually, occupy everything)

**Refuse to purchase any more products made over seas.
**Purchase only what you truly need, forgo the 'wants', they are temporary & accumulate in your home.
**Swap or get stuff on Free Cycle. 
**Leave your dollars in your community through Craigslist.
**Bank only in your Credit Union to keep your money locally and support your community.
**Shop locally at independent bookstores, candle-makers, consignment shops, farmer's market, etc.
**Support businesses that provide living-wages to your Neighbors.  For instance, Costco provides starting wages at $17 an hour and promote from within. Wall Street has called Costco the Anti-Wal-Mart and resent their success by doing just the opposite of what is expected of a corporation.
Costco offers an excellent health care plan for their employees and we get excellent customer service.  Costco provides products under their label that surpasses quality standards of famous name-brand products.  (No, I don't have stock or work there)

**Need your car repaired? Find a locally owned shop with a good reputation and forgo the dealership. I know the dealership is local, but at some point, we have to support the smaller businesses.
**Need glasses? a Dentist? - Get someone that is not affiliated with a national chain and recommended by people in your community. 
**Cookware? Buy and learn how to cook healthy meals at home on cast iron.  LODGE is made in the USA by American Workers. 
**Support your community college and pay for services provided by students entering their profession.  They need the practice and the money stays in your community. You save money because they charge less and all the work is carefully supervised by experts in the field: Teachers! (yes, they are licensed professionals, who can teach and do the work themselves)
**What can you get done at a community college? from hair cuts, to dentistry, to automotive repair. You name it. Every community college provides different types of useful training. Support them as much as you can.

Be generous of your time. It feels good.

**Give two hours a week or a month to help a teacher in a classroom. They need you and appreciate you.
**Volunteer with animal shelters.
**Volunteer at your local library.
**Volunteer to provide meals or rides to the elderly.
**Volunteer at the food pantry.
**Again... Volunteer because it feels good to give. In exchange, you are an important cog in your community. Stay connected.  Who knows? your work ethic, kindness, personality and generosity may translate into a well paying job because people have learned to trust and respect you.

Save on Gas and Save the Earth

**Take your family on vacation to local state parks, hotels, RV and camping grounds.  It saves  you money and revitalizes your city/State.
**Coordinate trips so you make as few as possible. Car pool if you can. Every dollar you save, is a dollar the oil industry does not get.

By supporting our communities, we are creating jobs. The 99% are the true job creators that provide stability and security to our Nation.

I forgot to ask you to support UNION shops! = Thank  you!

Check it out:

Made in the USA
How Lodge Cast Iron is made in the USA:

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