Sunday, May 20, 2012

Who is Nicole Sandler?

Nicole Sandler is one gutsy woman. Twelve years ago she adopted a beautiful child who needed a mother as much as she needed air and food. She took the plunge.  Many talk about adopting, but very few of us are willing to go through the nightmare and expense of doing so.  Hence how many of our children end up being "raised" in foster care.

Nicole Sandler often substitutes for Randi Rhodes  on her radio show (owned by Clear Channel) and it is a joy to have the opportunity to listen to both on current topics with strength, integrity and knowledge.  I say it is a joy because radio stations that broadcast progressive radio like Randi, Nicole or Ed Schultz are a dying breed. We had discussed this on a previous post.

Nicole is the woman who was arrested in Florida for asking a question of her congressman during a public forum at a town hall meeting and you can watch what happened here:

But Nicole Sandler is also a caring, loving woman who is proactive on helping others when their luck is down.  She put together a place where 99ers could get help from people who were fortunate enough to still be employed.  Remember that horrible Christmas when unemployment benefits ran out? remember how Congress blocked any effort to help their constituency? - Nicole Sandler did the best she could by connecting good-hearted people with one another and created Help the 99ers website.

I have always wondered who helps the helpers.  As a spousal caregiver for the past 17 years, I know what it feels like to be invisible.  Asking for help is not one of our strongest suits because we are always ready to lend a hand to those who have it worse than we do.

When I mentioned that Nicole was strong, I meant it.  It takes real strength to reach out to others and admit they need some help.  She did that today.  She needs help to help her daughter.

Please, if you can donate $10 today to help this family go to "Help me Help My Daughter" and donate something.  If you can't donate, RT on twitter to reach others who might. Post on FaceBook for the same reason and keep passing it on.

Jeff Sharlett has the means and proudly contributed.  Some of your followers in social media can spare a couple of hundred dollars even if you are still wondering how you'll make the bills this month.  It is worth the few seconds to help this family by spreading the word.

Join me in doing something for someone else.

PEACE to all

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