Thursday, May 24, 2012

Political Scams

Just about everything in our lives is related to politics. Governing a country, a city or state requires politicians to behave like the civil servants they are and do what is right for the people they have sworn to serve and protect.

We expect police officers, fire fighters and teachers to do their jobs with excellent results, and yet, we have lowered the bar for those who hold the purse strings and are given the power to affect every aspect of our lives.  Why?

When we apply for a position with a company, we are required to submit a resume, list references and be truthful about the information we provide in order to get the job and ensuing benefits.  It is expected that we will do our job(s) without complaining and be an asset to the company.  Are these not all the requirements of every position we have ever applied for? Why on Earth do we have different standards for useless governors, mayors, congressmen/women, senators and presidents?

Our elderly stand to lose more than the rest of us.  They have worked longer than anyone else, they have health issues none of us has encounter yet - we will, it is just a matter of time - and they are the most vulnerable to unscrupulous predators who are fully aware of how alone and unprotected they really are.

Grandma and grandpa receive a lot of mail.  Most of us probably don't get as much as they do and if we do, we quickly separate the unsolicited junk from the bills and dispose of things quickly.  

What do our senior citizens do with all that junk mail? - Some savor it. Especially the junk that has been personalized and is requesting their assistance to help a non-existent child in peril.  

These scammers know full well how to lure our seniors into parting with their cash. They feed  into their loneliness and need to still be relevant in a world that has moved away quickly.  Electronically, they are lost.  They don't understand what Wi-Fi stands for or what it does.  A router? A Sling box? A multi-function remote control?

Our elderly cling to their familiar treasures. Photographs of children and grandchildren long gone with families of their own.  A new car is too complex and distracting. It won't make their lives easier with all the electronic gizmos. It confuses them. They cling to an old car that is unsafe, but within their comfort zone.

We are not that different from our elders. This is why we keep electing the familiar. It 'feels' normal. The new stuff has a learning curve and we are in no mood to be challenged.

Unfortunately, we are conditioned to behave in this manner. We have spent generations disparaging our politicians and demanding little from them because they conform to our expectations. Just like our elderly, there is comfort and security in what we know. Even if there is no safety involved. 

It has taken a great deal of neglect on our part to see how our apathy has put in place some of the most dangerous scammers of our time in gubernatorial positions.  Wisconsin has had enough and they are fighting back with a recall.

Mississippi, Michigan (some are) and Louisiana are not. They complain like our aging relatives but have no energy or desire to change what must be changed.  They are not expecting more, they expect more of the same.  That is exactly what they'll get.

Those states mentioned above are not unique. We can take a look at our own states and see people disconnected from reality. They know what they are comfortable knowing and, like our elderly pack rats, will not discard any of their notions or make a move toward the uncomfortable direction of learning something new or doing things differently.

We, like our elderly, are clinging to garbage. We are demanding less of a world that owes us more. We have in fact, answered the junk mail and hired the scammers to run our cities and states. They rail against abortion... a notion... of saving a non-existent child's live.  

There is something to be said for the youth of this country and their willingness to buck a rigged system. Gratitude and support must go to our Occupy groups - young and older(er) - because they are not saying 'someone should do something', they are someone doing something

They seem to have scrutinized the junk mail and are demanding accountability.

Protection from the scammers and preparing our future begins now. Vetting those asking for a job and staying on top of them to do the right things. Most importantly, firing them when they are ineffective and self-serving.

In this state, we have received sample ballots for our Primary elections on June 12. Early voting is available and a lot of research needs to be done to sort out the familiar names from those we have never heard from before.  For instance, Dean Heller is one of those that must be fired. He has done nothing for the state and its people in all the years he has 'served' and yet, he keeps getting re-elected.

We recognize the familiar. There is no safety in the perceived comfort, but we hang on to what we know even when it is bad for us.

It is not easy when these people are total strangers and are putting their best face forward in unsolicited advertisement. They are hoping that the message they sent, based on polls we answered,  will trigger an emotional response that will propel us to part with hard earned cash and our vote.

Who do you have in your state that needs to be replaced? Who will you replace him/her with? - Have you vetted the person asking for money and a job? 

This is junk mail that can't be ignored by young or old. Not this year.

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